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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My friend Natalie gave me this awesome, yet so simple, idea. We both have baby girls, and we both travel fairly requently to visit our families who are out of state. She wanted something to put her little girl's bows and clips in that wouldn't smash them.

We got the little tins at Robert's. (30% off this week!) We also found some fun bling stickers.

You could do a lot more with this than we did: modge podge scrapbook paper on, ribbon, embellishments, etc. We didn't because we figured that was just asking to be ruined with the traveling and being in a suitcase!

These would make a great gift idea: you could personalize it with a child's name and put in crayons/art supplies, personalize it for a little girl and put in some hair clips, etc. So fun!


  1. How cute!!! Those would be great birthday gift boxes. TOO FUN!

    ~Derinda @ ELB

  2. What an incredibly darling idea!


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