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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

.:Fabric covered hangers:.

A friend of mine from my neighborhood and church taught our youth group gals how to make these last week for a baby gift. She gave me some when I had Reece, and I thought they were cute! So simple and so cute! Perfect kind of craft, right?

- fabric
- hangers
- hot glue gun

Start off by cutting your fabric into strips.

Put a dot of glue on the very tip of the hanger. Wrap the end of a fabric strip around it.

Continue wrapping the fabric around the hanger. When a strip runs out, hot glue it on, hot glue the start of another one, and carry on!

You can end it however you want. I wrapped the strip around, and then pulled the end through the loop. Looks cute and doesn't require a hot glued end. But if you prefer a hot glued end, go for it!


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