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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

.:No sew tutu:.

So you may remember the post I made about Reece's birthday. I've started working on a few of the things that I need to make for it! Yesterday I made her tutu! I have to say, it turned out SO CUTE! She looks cute in it now, but it will look even cuter when she is a couple months older and maybe even walking! Super easy to make, and involves no sewing! Great news for people like me! My sister sent me this youtube video which was super helpful!

- ribbon (I used 2 yards of 1 1/2 inch satin ribbon)
- 4 yards of tuelle (I got 1 1/2 yards of three different colors - yes, I realize this equals more than four!)
- scissors
- ruler

First, start with one of your colors of tuelle. Put the folded end towards you.

Roll the tuelle up, making sure there are no wrinkles in it.

Use your ruler to help you cut the tuelle into three inch pieces. It doesn't need to be exact, but it should be close!

Un-roll the tuelle and cut the fold. This is for shorter tutus. If you want a longer one, you don't need to cut the fold.

Lay out your ribbon. I measured 20 inches in the middle of the ribbon and tied two knots.

Take your strips of tuelle. Fold it in half, putting it under the ribbon. Bring the two loose ends and pull them through the loop.

Pull it tight and push it towards the knot.

I did each color four strips at a time.

Continue around until you reach the other knot.



  1. LOVE this tutu. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm goig to have to make some for my neices for christmas. Cute! Cute! Thans again!

  2. I made the same tutu for one of Gray's little friends birthday. Super easy! It was so cute, I can't wait to make one for a girl of my own someday! Reece looks adorable in it!

  3. Anything "no-sew" is top on my list! This is perfect for any girl. Darling. I am so glad you linked this up to Baby Week!

  4. This is a very cute way to tie them. I have made several tutus but they are a bit different. I like the idea of tying it onto the child...


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