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Monday, July 6, 2009

.:Reece's Birthday:.

Here are some things I've found online that I'm interested in re-creating or tweaking to use for Reece's birthday. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

My friend Lindsay, who has her own photography business in Florida, did this idea for her daughter's first birthday. I thought it was so cute, and I'm planning on commissioning my sister in law to make it for me. (Surprise, Nikki!)
I love the idea for this banner, made by Polka Dots and Pirates. I'm pretty sure I could rig something similar myself!

I really love these personalized birthday bibs from Golden, but sadly, cannot afford to spend that on a bib. I am thinking that I could buy a cute patterned bib for cheaper, and hand stitch a number one on there, or even do some sort of iron on transfer if my sewing skills (or lack thereof) fail me!
She also does these cute hats.
Again, out of my price range, but then I saw this cute hat from Emma Lee's Boutique. It is actually a clip or a headband, which I think would stay put on Reece's head a lot better!
My sister just made a tutu for her daughter's birthday, and I am expecting a tutorial from her when I see her on our family vacation next week. Soooo cute! (This is my niece, Andi. Isn't she adorable??)
These personalized bloomers are also from Golden. Again, not in my budget, nor do I know how to re-create them, but aren't they sooooo adorable??
Now of course, a good party has good food. Aside from doing pizza, chips, and pop (pretty sure that's what will be on the menu) I'll be making these multi-colored cupcakes that I did awhile back.

I plan on swirling the frosting up, and then decorating with Skittles....
....and perhaps making some of my own cupcake toppers like these cute ones from Polka Dots and Pirates.
I tried making this birthday plate for Reece at a Super Saturday our ward just had. The sample plate was very nice looking, but I did not have such luck. Modge Podgeing pictures onto a curved plate did not work for me. Pictures are too thick, and the curve makes it tricky. So, I play to take these same pictures and have them color copied. I think paper will go on a bit easier! I won't be putting it around the curved part, either. I think I'll just paint the edge with acrylic paint, and put the pictures on the flat part. I'll have to be careful washing it of course, but I'm only planning to pull this baby out for birthdays. And if it gets ruined, well, I can make another one!
And look at these cute personalized spoons from The Vintage Pearl. Probably something I can't afford, but they are so cute!

I don't have pictures of this, but I'll probably make a little favor bag of candy and dollar store toys for the kids. My friend Sarah did this for her son's birthday, and she attached a little fact about her son to each favor bag. I think that is super cute!

So that's where I'm at with Reece's birthday. I want to make her her own special little cake, not just give her a cupcake like everyone else's. Will she know the difference? Of course not! But I will. It's her first birthday and I want it to be special!

Any other ideas out there you creative people would like to share?


  1. Those ideas are so cute! I love those cupcake toppers. I saw on Jaimes blog that youre wanting a new blog look. Wanna trade?? I actually would be cool with trading some of your grasshopper cupcakes :)
    But since you live far away...we could trade some bows or something?
    My waiting list is about 2-3 weeks out, but I could try to squeeze you in earlier. If you don't mind the wait I'd love to help ya!

  2. I love just daydreaming about cute ideas! -so fun- You've got a great collection of ideas for her big party!

  3. I'll be glad to make the invitation. :) It'll be fun! Such cute ideas here.

  4. How exciting, 1st birthdays are truly memorable, you've got some pretty cool ideas, have you considered making reece her own " miniature cake?" just a thought :) happy planning!

  5. Wow...I LOVE that invitation. That would be really cute for a wedding anniversary. FUN FUN FUN!

    You've been awarded ELB's new award: Inspiring Handmade.


    ~Derinda @ ELB

  6. Porter turns one tomorrow and I will share a few first birthday traditions that I do-first of all I always decorate their room in the morning on every birthday. I always make a special breakfast like pancakes with chocolate chips or sprinkles-I always make them a party hat-but I just make it out of paper-but I love the headband idea! But-really you just need it to last to take a picture or two in it and then it can be thrown out. I make a birthday banner and for all of my kids' first birthday I make a big cake and just let them eat it and make a big mess of it-everyone else is jealous, but I don't care-they can eat their cupcakes and smile at the cute messy baby! I should have pictures up tomorrow night or the next day of what we do-I know it's more fun for a girl with all the frilly stuff, but hopefully I can give you some good idea...

  7. Really cute ideas Summer, it should be a great first birthday. And I agree with you on Reece having her own cake! They need their own cake, it's their 1st birthday! Have fun!

  8. Summer! We could totally recreate those bloomers!! You could crochet some of the flowers you use for Reece's leggings and sew them to a pair of white bloomers. We could find some really cute fabric at the craft store and cut our own 1 to sew onto the back.

    I am always a big fan of a theme. If Reece is going to wear a tutu maybe the other moms wouldn't mind bringing their kids in a tutu!

    You could even have a tutu cake!!

    check out http://www.pinkcakebox.com/ for ideas.

    Let me know if you would like me to help!! I would really love to.

  9. All very cute ideas!! I was going to also suggest with the picture plate, maybe you could glue your pictures together first and trace and cut them all out to fit the circular part of the plate... then you would't have to worry about modge podging on the edges.

    You can totally make the rest of the stuff. The banner and cupcake toppers matching would be super cute! Can't wait to see the final product of everything!


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