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Thursday, July 2, 2009


I don't sew. I have never really had a desire to sew before. I was content to let my mom take care of any sewing I needed, and stood happily by as my sister and sister in laws both sewed.

But now I want to learn.

There are too many cute things out there that require sewing! So, I'm hoping for a lesson from my private instructor (my mom!) and some lessons from my sister in law that lives close by. I'm sure she's excited.

My sister in law showed me these cute soft baby cubes and I think they are such a cute toy! Quiet, so perfect for taking to church or on those days where you just can't handle all the noisy toys! It looks like a lot of straight lines. I bet I could handle that.....maybe?


  1. I would love to sew. I am pretty sure I have no natural talent in this area but I think it would be fun!

  2. I can sew okay, but I'm way to impatient and have lead foot when it comes to pressing the foot petal. LOL Good luck!

  3. This would be a really easy project to start on. You wouldn't even need any lessons! Very cute cubes. Maybe I need to make some. :)


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