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Friday, July 24, 2009

.:Spin on Chocolate Coated Cupcakes:.

I made these chocolate coated cupcakes awhile back (the original idea was from i*heart*cuppycakes) and have done a couple of different spins on them (strawberry frosting and mint frosting). I was making some for my father in law's birthday party, and decided to try something different again.

I still did the strawberry frosting, dipped in chocolate. But this time, I also did chocolate frosting, dipped in white chocolate. I LOVE white chocolate, so I thought it was pretty tasty!

Make your cupcakes as usual.

I had planned on making homemade frosting, but there just wasn't enough time that day, so canned it was! I used my trusty Ziplock bag to frost the cupcakes swirly. (Someday I'll have real frosting tips!) You can see my strawberry frosting was not holding up very well. Not real sure why....

Put the cupcakes in the fridge to allow the frosting to harden.

When the frosting is hardened, melt your chocolate in the microwave, 30 second intervals at a time, stirring after each interval. When the chocolate is melted, dip your cupcakes.

and return them to the fridge to allow the shell to harden.

Eat up!
(Yes, I realize I put my cupcakes on a dip platter, but it was the only platter I had that was big enough to put them on.)

Mine didn't turn out as pretty this time as they have in the past, but they were still equally delicious.

You could have lots of fun with different cake and coating flavors!


  1. I came here from another blog that now I totally forgot. Thanks for the yummy cupcake recipe! We have a bakery here in town that makes them like this and now I don't have to pay so much for such goodness.

  2. I love chocolate cupcakes. Too bad I am at work right now otherwise I would be making these.

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