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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


These notepads make a great teacher gift, visiting teaching gift (if you're a Mormon!), or just fun to make and keep for yourself! Plus, they are super simple and super cheap!

What you need:
- 5x8 notepad (At Wal-Mart I got three in a pack for less than $1.50)
- Piece of scrapbook paper
- Glue stick and/or double sided tape (I used both)
- Pen - RSVP pens work best, but they were out when I went to the store so I got the Wal-Mart cheapos
- Scissors/Papercutter
- Velcro
- Ribbon/Embellishments (optional)

First off, I just put the top of the notepad flush with the top of the scrapbook paper, and marked the bottom of it. I cut the paper on that line.

I left the paper the width that it was - 12 inches - but it did overlap a bit. If you don't like the big overlap, you could trim it so when folded, the edges meet up pretty evenly.

I was not being smart, and glued the notepad on to the scrapbook paper before doing the next step. You'd probably want to reverse the order when you do it, although it worked out fine for me! I only put glue stick on the chipboard part of the notepad when I did this - not the top white part.

Then I measured the top part and cut a piece of scrapbook paper to be the same width. It says the notepad is 5 inches wide, but I don't think my paper measured quite 5 inches.

I tucked it in behind the back, where I hadn't put glue on. I cut the paper so that it would fold over the top and cover up the white part on the front. As I said, it would have been easier to do this before I glued the notepad to the paper. Duh! I used double sided tape to glue this paper on.

Next, I folded the sides in. I put the velcro on so that it would hold it in place when closed.

Then I wrapped a ribbon around the back to add a little bit more to the notebook. I just secured it at each end with double sided tape. A glue gun would work well also.

Make a bow out of your ribbon, and attach it to the top flap.

For the pen, you can cut thin strips of your scrapbook paper and wrap it around the inside of the pen so that it matches the notebook. I wrapped it around multiple times, but it was bunching up too much for me to put it back into the pen. Reece was about to wake up from her nap, so I didn't try too long to get it to work. I'm sure you are all much more talented than me! :)

Cut small pieces of velcro. Attach one piece to the front of the notepad, and the other to the pen. Attach the pen to the front. (You can see I opted for a plain pen here since I was having troubles! Oops!)

And you are done! Easy! Cute! Cheap! Doesn't get much better!


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