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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

.:Tutorial Tuesday - Birthday Banner:.

Back on my birthday post for Reece's birthday, I showed a banner from Polka Dots and Pirates. I love all of her banners and decorating ideas! I can't afford to buy a banner, but decided to make one of my own. I think it turned out pretty cute. I'll post better pictures of it after Reece's party where you'll be able to see it hanging on the wall better!

What you need:
- scrapbook paper
- ribbon (I used large rick rack)
- scissors
- circle template
- letters (stickers, Cricuit letters, chipboard letters, printed computer letters, etc.)
- glue stick, double sided tape, etc.

You'll want to trace larger circles on the back of your scrapbook paper. I knew I needed 18 circles, so I did 9 on one pattern and 9 on another.

Cut the circles out.

**This would have been easier if I had access to a die cutting machine, had a circle die cut for my Cuttlebug, or had a punch in circles. But I don't. And I am not willing to fork out the money to buy those things just for this one project when my own two hands work just great!**

For my letters, I just printed off HAPPY BIRTHDAY REECE from my computer. So then I needed to use the smaller circle template to trace around each letter on the back side of the paper.

Cut these out.

My preference is double sided tape! I choose it over any other adhesive for projects like this. Use your tape to attach your small circles to your big circles. I did an alternating pattern.

I used scissors and a cutting board to make slits in the letters for the ribbon to go through. Loop your ribbon through and position the letters how you'd like them.

And you're done! This looked great laying on my table - I can't wait to see what it looks like hanging on the wall!

(I'm also using the leftover scrapbook paper to make her cupcake toppers. Cute!)


  1. Very cute! You are so creative summer! I cant believe Reece is gonna be 1 already!!

  2. I saw you over on Oops I Craft My Pants... Enjoying your blog!! I just recently started one of my own stop by and check it out... http://scribbledsentences.blogspot.com/

  3. Thanks for this post! I remembered one of the blogs I read had agreat banner and I forgot to bookmark it for my sons upcoming birthday. Turns out I remembered your daughters name and googled Reece's Birthday Banner Blog and you appeared! So glad I found you again. Now Im off to make my own version!

  4. Thanks for the easy tutorial. I need a b-day banner but didnt want to buy a cheesy one and didnt want to spent a lot of time and/or money to make one, So this is Perfect. Plus I already have everything for it using my printer like you did I'll whip it out in no time:)


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