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Thursday, October 15, 2009

.:Things to Try Thursday - Trick or Treat Bag:.

Remember Alish and Whitney from Sisters Stuff? Well, they recently posted something that I think is just fabulous! And best of all, it doesn't involve sewing - just some stitching and ironing! That means that even I can do it!

All I've bought for Reece to trick or treat with is a pink pumpkin that cost a dollar at Wal-Mart. Sure, it will do the job just fine, but wouldn't she just look fantastic carrying around one of these bags?

Check out their tutorial here.


  1. I don't know if this would be cheaper - but have you seen the totes made out of Place mats? It would require a little sewing, but it is easy, and might cut down the cost (especially if you use an old place mat from home).

    Just an idea. ;)

  2. I think I might have to try!!


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