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Monday, November 9, 2009

.:Market Yourself Monday - Customized Set:.

I had a busy week last week, with our ultrasound to find out what we're having (it's another GIRL!!!!!!), my phone breaking (an hour BEFORE my ultrasound of course), a flat tire, and my sister and cousin in town visiting! (Oh, did I mention I locked my daughter and my keys both in the car....without ever touching the lock button? Beat that.) So that didn't leave me with a ton of crafting time!

But I did get a custom order on etsy, so I thought I would share the set with you. It is to go with this dress. Where the white along the bottom and white ribbon straps are, it is orange instead. (Sorry it's a little blurry!)

EDIT:: I guess the picture of the dress won't post in blogger. Oops! It's a pillowcase dress, brown with white polka dots with an orange lining at the bottom and orange ribbon straps. It's super cute!

I thought the set turned out pretty cute, and I plan on adding it to my etsy shop!


  1. You do the cutest stuff! I went to BYU w/ Britney Mendel, that's how I found your blog, just so you don't think I'm a creepy blog-stalker. ;) And having 2 girls is SO fun, just had to add that! Congrats!

  2. And that set looked adorable in pictures... :0)


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