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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

.:Tutorial Tuesday - Advent Calendar:.

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I featured this idea from her hobby awhile back, and a couple of my friends and I got together to have a hand at them! I am SO happy with how mine turned out! I can't wait to put it to use!

What you need:
- mini muffin tin (Wal-Mart sells them for around $5)
- coordinating scrapbook papers/cardstock
- magnets
- number stamps, stickers, etc.
- ink pads
- embellishments
- circle punch, or some sort of template or items to trace circles with
- double sided tape or some other adhesive (glue stick, glue dots, etc.)
- ribbon

You'll want to start off punching or tracing your circles. We only had one punch, so we used a lid to trace our largest circles and cut them out. I did four circles of six different patterned papers. My friends used plain cardstock for their larger circles, and then patterned paper for the smaller ones.

Then we punched out the second size of circle. (So much faster!)

I used double sided tape to attach my circles together.

Then I attached magnets to the back of my circles.

We actually used small chipboard circles that we had painted for our smallest circles...

And then stamped the numbers on to. We also inked around our edges.

Again, I used my trusty double sided tape to attach my numbers to my circles.

Then I embellished each of my circles - I used four different kinds of embellishments: ribbon, rhinestones, stickers, swirl clips. You don't have to embellish at all, or don't have to embellish each circle - the sky's the limit!

I haven't done this yet, but you'll want to drill holes at the top so that you can string ribbon through to hang it up. Add some candy, and you're good to go!

Ta-da! All done! It is so cute, I feel so satisfied!

Another fun idea I saw over on Stamp Crazy Lady (another super talented gal from my home town) is to use a regular muffin tin to do a birthday countdown! What kid wouldn't love that!


  1. love the idea of a birthday onee - especially since my twins start talking about their birthday about 6 months ahead of time! i'd have to have a wall of muffin tins! i'll have to give it a try - very cute!

  2. Love it!!! The birthday one would be great since I found a reg muffin tin for 25 cents at a garage sale. Then you could even make sever different coutdown circles and count down ALL KINDS of special events!!!

  3. I found you through TCB and LOVE your blog! These countdowns are sooo cute. Thanks for the great idea! I'm totally following your blog too :)

  4. Cute Summer! I like all the embellies on them, although can you laminate them still? I would hate for Reese to grab them one day and pull them all apart! I guess if it's up high enough it wouldn't be a problem! That's why I haven't done one yet-My Porter is a destroying angel! Seriously would be destroyed the first day of December! :(
    I will have to figure something out a little more kid proof!
    Oh and my button on your blog is little and pathetic! I don't know why it is so stinkin small! When you're bored one day, do you want to change it to my new and improved one? Just wondering! :) Love ya!

  5. I have been dying to make one of these, I just haven't been out to get another mini muffin tin yet, and I use my mini muffin tin so often that I wasn't willing to give it up. Yours turned out super cute. I can't wait to get mine made and up!

  6. I love this idea, especially since it is reusable!

  7. Very cute advent calendar! I've featured it on childmade.com if you'd like to grab a button.

    I'll be watching for more cool idea!

  8. That is a great idea!!! I am in the process of making an advent calendar myself but may just have to abandon it and do this one instead!

    Adding you to my blog roll.:) Visiting from Blue Cricket Design.

    We're having a huge Creating Christmas Blog Fest at my blog. Go grab a button! :)

  9. Awesome! I love it! I will totally be adding this to my list of cool things to make!

  10. So cute! Great job explaining too. I might have to try this one.

  11. Can you tell me approx how big the biggest circle is? I'm thinking they need to be like 2.5 inches in diameter, right? I saw this project a few months back and I've been looking for magnets since. I never thought to cut strips of magnets to put on the back!

    I'm going to take the lazy way out and do all the circle stacking and decorating on the computer and print out each one as just 1 circle that looks layered. Then I'll use my circle cutter to cut them out. I'll probably laminate them too. I just need to get on it!

  12. My inner circle is 1 3/4" and my outer circle is 2 1/4". Hope that helps! Have fun!

  13. so cute summer I'm dying to try one now! how fun!

  14. Thanks so much for the measurements. :) That saves me a trip to the store. I figure I'll get my circles all ready and then grab the pan closer to time.

  15. Great idea! I've featured it on my blog for moms looking for a creative and crafty advent calendar.

  16. I LOVE this one!! I might just have to make a trip to Walmart today to purchase my $5 muffin tin!! :)


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