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Monday, December 7, 2009

.:Market Yourself Monday - Diaper Wipe Cases:.

Awhile back I wrote this post about the diaper wipe cases from Sister's Stuff that I wanted to try. My family had a surprise baby shower for my sister in law and I over Thanksgiving, and one of my sisters had made them for both of us. They turned out super cute, and I knew I just had to try it! My friend and I got together and made up a couple. I think they turned out great! They are meant to be gifts, but I'm not sure I can part with them. It's okay for a mommy to have multiple diaper wipe cases.....right? One for each day of the week? :)

This is the one my sister made for me. Way to go Al!

And these are the two that I made. I think I have a new addiction now - I just want to make more!


  1. I like the travel size! I want to make one. I did a full size wipe case... tutorial here: http://itsnotalwaysblackandwhite.blogspot.com/2009/08/fun-with-glue-gun-crafty-mama-strikes.html

  2. Super cute! I need to make some of those!


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