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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

.:Mouth-Watering Wednesday - Bran Muffins:.

These muffins have been my family's traditional Christmas morning breakfast for as long as I can remember. Don't let the bran part fool you. They are one of the tastiest things you will put in your mouth! We always have them with sliced oranges and pepper bacon. I made them a couple of years ago when we stayed in Utah for Christmas with my in-laws, and will be making them again this year for them. I like that I can bring a little bit of my family's traditions into our celebrations here!

Sorry there are no pictures - I'm not making them until tomorrow!


Bring 2 c of water to a boil.
Add 1 T plus 2 t of baking soda

Mix together:
1 c shortening
2 c sugar
4 eggs
1 qt. (4 c) buttermilk

In a separate bowl mix together:
5 c flour
1 t salt
4 c 100% bran flakes
2 c 40% bran flakes

Mix everything together with the soda water.

Stir in 1 c chopped dates

Bake at 350 for 18 minutes.

Another traditional thing that we eat for dessert each Christmas Eve dinner are the Dream Pies. You can find the recipe on the back of a DreamWhip box. I'm also making those for my in-laws this year!

What are your traditional holiday eats?

1 comment:

  1. My husband's family is from Louisiana, so our traditional Christmas lunch is none other than Gumbo!! By that point, we're usually sick of turkey, so it's a nice change!


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