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Friday, January 15, 2010

.:Feature Friday - Samster Mommy:.

I'm so excited to introduce Natasha from Samster Mommy to you today! Her blog is full of great recipes and great projects, plus pictures of her adorable little girl! Plus, she is doing a 30 for $30 with Martha Stewart glitter, so any girl who loves glitter is a friend of mine!

Hi Sweet Stuff readers! My name is Natasha & you can find me at my little corner of the blog world, "Samster Mommy". I'm so grateful to Sumo for letting me post on her wonderful blog! That girl is crazy talented. Here's a little taste of my crafting/cooking/crazy mommy blog!
My blog is named after my tenacious 16 mth old daughter Samantha. "Samster" is what I started calling her when she was first born because she used to make little hamster-ish chirping sounds, just the cutest darn thing ever. (biased opinion of course but I think you'd agree) Also in the household is my dear husband "P". He's mad at me right now because I'm doing my "30 for $30" glitter series and there's a glitter trail all throughout our house. He's been going to work a bit sparkly. I keep telling him he just looks festive but he's not buying it.
"30 for $30" is just one of my crazy ideas that I like to turn into features on my blog. It's based on my never-ending quest to find an excuse to buy Martha Stewart's $30 "Essential Glitter Collection". I decided that if I could come up with 30 projects then technically it's only $1 a project for the glitter. See where I'm going here? Hey, it may not be practical but c'mon, this glitter is GORGEOUS. Here are a few of the tutorials I've put up so far...
Snowflake Curtains
Ice Princess TuTu
(whenever my model is napping you'll see my assistant Parker C. Sheltie instead)

I'm also a self taught seamstress & as I figure out beginner projects I always share the love...
waffle tee onesie
Some come out better than others but I'm not afraid to post my disasters for your enjoyment. This was supposed to be a fuzzy pant & jacket travel outfit but instead turned out to be a pink 80's-esque baby business suit.
Samster, CEO
Using freezer paper as a stenciling technique is one of my new craft obsessions, here's a couple of the stencils I've posted for my readers:
I also love to post about whatever is going on in my Samster world whether that be a yummy recipe, a husband pet peeve or a post about how to work some fashion trends into your everyday mommy wardrobe. Sometimes I really miss not getting to dress up for work so the "Mommy Outfits" are posts that give easy inexpensive ways to still feel cute & not lose yourself in the land of mommydom.

So there's just a taste of what you can expect when you follow my blog, I hope you'll stop by & say hi, I'm always looking for a new blog friend!

See you around! Thanks!


  1. Amazing blog and my fav green colour, I will stay longer here:)))

  2. Hi I'm Hannah Hadfield and I love your blog! That is so cute on your dog! You have such great ideas!


  3. I just nominated you for the sunshine award !!! thanks for all the sharing :)


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