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Friday, January 22, 2010

.:Feature Friday - A Vision to Remember:.

I am so excited to introduce Bobbie from A Vision to Remember to you today! She is super creative, and is sharing an awesome tutorial with you all today! She's also hosting a fantastic giveaway right now, so get on over there after you read this!

Lately, I have been on a huge beading kick. I realized that I needed some way to store them all after untangling them after my 8 month old baby got to them.

This is my simple, cheap, and cute solution:

What you need:
1 mailing tube or fabric roll tube
Knife or saw to cut the tube
Modge Podge
Scrapbook Paper (try to avoid cardstock it was hard to work with)
Spray Adhesive (or a way to attach the paper to the tube)
Wire Hanger, ribbon, or something to hand the tube up with

Cut the tube to the desired length (mine is about 18 inches)

Figure out how you want you paper on the tube. I used 2 different papers.

Glue the paper to the tube.

Modge podge the paper to the tube. Do several coats. This will seal the paper good onto the tube. That way it is hard to tear it and it won't start to peel off.
Hot glue ribbon on the tube where the seams of the paper are and also at the 2 ends of the tube
Unbend the wire hanger. I kept the part of the hanger bent in the hook so that it would stay secured in the tube. I shoved (it was a tight fit which is good) the wire hanger in the one end of the tube. Then I bent the other end of the wire hanger the same as the hook side and shoved it in the opposite end.

If you want to use ribbon just thread the ribbon all the way through the tube and then tie the two ends together in a pretty bow. Then use that to hang it up with.

Now add your necklaces. The necklaces that are continuous (don't have a hook anywhere) I looped over itself.
Now you have a cute and fun (and clean) way to organize your necklaces. No more trying to hurry and untangle them.


  1. thank u thank u, i've been wracking my brain forever trying to come up w/more jewelry storage. right now it is a tangled mess........ I am so excited right now! whoo hoooo!

  2. I just discovered your blog and love it.

    I have given you a best blog award, stop by my blog for instructions.

  3. i dont wear much Jewlery,but this is genious...if i did..i would def make one. Thanks for sharing..your blog is so fun.i posted a giveway...come on over and check it out

  4. I have always seen and admired those in shops! Those are so cool and now I'm happy to make my own thanks to your tutorial!


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