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Monday, January 18, 2010

.:Market Yourself Monday - Crocheted Baby Blankets:.

Ever since my siblings and in laws started having babies, I have liked to crochet a baby blanket for each new baby. It's been fun using different colors each time. Here is the one I made for my nephew Tyler. I figured I better get it done for him since he's five months old! Oops!

This is the blanket I just finished for my other sister in law who is due about a week before me!

Now I only have two left to crochet before baby sister makes her appearance: one for my sister in law who is due in June, and of course, one for baby sister!

What are some of your favorite boy or girl combinations of colors?

Link up your latest projects!



  1. No projects, but I love stealing...ummm, borrowing your wonderful ideas. I have a friend that is due in August. First baby in my life that I have been involved in watching him grow in over 1o years....we are so far away from most family and friends. Thank you for sharing, you would not believe the ideas I have borrowed from you.. I like anything with green.

  2. I make custom baby items (whattacutebaby.blogspot.com) and a lot of moms (and gift buyers) request pink and green or pink and brown for girls and blue and brown and green and brown for boys. I love your crocheted blankets! They look so cozy and are a perfect baby size. Thanks for sharing!

  3. i love your blog, and i love all of your crafts.I just started my own craft blog, go on over and check it out Dejavucrafts.blogspot.com

    Ps. i love your blanket...SO adorable, and my favorite colors for girls are brown and pink. classic but so cUTE!

  4. Love the color combos on your blankets! Lucky moms (and kiddos) receiving them. Nice work. I just adore crocheting!

  5. I don't like croched blankets cause they all look so grandma-ish to me. But those are so cute! Love them!

  6. I love the colors you chose for your blankets! They turned out so cute!

  7. Hi Summer! Cute blankets. I used to know how to crochet. I love the colors that you used in them. So pretty!

    Hey, I don't think I realized that you have a linky party on Mondays. Do you have it every Monday? I would love to link my things up!


  8. You are a crocheting machine!! I think I have crocheting a.d.d. cause all I can complete are hats, I have a million ufos!

  9. My baby girl's room is full of Green, purple and a little bit of pink! i think those make cute colors!

  10. Summer! These are adorable!!! You have such talent! Next time you are in town you must show me the ropes! (or the yarn) :)


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