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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

.:Mouth-Watering Wednesday - Bon Bons:.

These are a delicious treat to make, and require very few ingredients! Plus, it looks like you made something pretty nice when you bring it to a party or a dinner!

What you need:

- cake mix (this time I used a cherry one)
- can of frosting (I used vanilla for the cherry mix)
- extras: sprinkles, cinnamon and sugar, powdered sugar, cocoa, sugar, almond bark, etc.

Bake your cake as directed. Let it cool completely.

Take your cake out of the pan and put it in a large bowl.

Put your can of frosting into the bowl and mash them together. I find it is just easier to get messy and use my *clean* hands!

Line your cookie sheet with wax paper.

Use your cookie scoop to scoop balls on to the cookie sheet. Put them in the freezer until they are tacky.

Roll them in whatever you think would be tasty with them, and/or dip them in almond bark!

Serve and enjoy!

In the past I've done chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Here are a couple of pictures of those.

My friend has also done a spice cake with cream cheese frosting; they were delicious! There are lots of fun options you could do with this!



  1. when i read the title for this post i said..'oh man' its the last thing i need to be reading,BUT the first thing i want to be reading..these look So good!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have everything, I could go make these right now. But my hips would hate me! Who cares? LOL

  3. looks soooo good. i'm getting fat just reading your blog.

  4. Great minds really do think alike!!!

  5. I made them tonight and they turned out great. My husband said they were good but rich!

  6. Sounds yummy. Going to try this some time. Thanks for sharing this with us by linking to Craft Schooling Sunday at Creative Jewish Mom.

  7. just made these and they are so yummy. my SIL wants me to put the recipe in our church cookbook.

  8. Simply yummy looking - I will be making these, maybe closer to Easter at this point...

  9. This recipe gave me great treats; great texture and flavor!

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  10. Seriously!? These look soo good! I love the ‘taste like college’ part. Saving this one! I sooo love your writing style and truly enjoy reading your posts. You’re great!

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