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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

.:Tutorial Tuesday - Curtains:.

As I posted yesterday, I got a sewing machine for Christmas. I've always wanted to make curtains for Reece's room (soon to be shared with baby girl) so that was the first project I tackled! Luckily I had my mom there for the first panel to show me the ropes!

(Don't forget to link up your sewing project ideas for me here. I'm leaving the list open all week!)

The window measures 44.5" x 88.5". We decided to get three yards of this great black fabric (it was folded over on the bolt, so it was perfect!) so that there would be a little extra for the inevitable screw ups!

The first thing I did was cut my large panels. I wanted them to be an inch or two bigger than the window, so I cut two panels at 48" x 48" each, allowing 1/2" all around for my hem. You can use pins or chalk to mark your measurements - I like using chalk!

After I cut the panels, I put those aside and started working on the loops that were going to go across the top. I wanted five on each panel, so I had to cut ten strips that were 5" x 11". This is really twenty strips when you cut it with the fabric doubled.

Put your right sides together, pin them, and sew along the edges a 1/4" hem. I always backstitched a few stitches before going along the edge to seal it together good!

After you've got all of your strips sewn together, turn them right side out and iron them. (I'm lazy and didn't iron mine.)

Now you're going to want to take one of your panels. On the right side of the fabric, only on one edge, not doubled over, come in about one inch from the edge and pin your strip in place with it looped up. (Yes, that's a technical sewing term.) Make sure your hems are all the way out - especially if you didn't iron like me!)

Do this to the other side, coming in an inch from the edge.

Then I folded my panel in half to find the middle, and put a pin there to mark my spot. Then I took a loop, folded it to find the middle, and pinned its middle to the middle of the panel.

This gives you three loops on your panel. I measured in between the edge loops and the middle loop and marked the middle with a pin. This helped me to pin the remaining two loops.

Now you are going to sew along that edge, 1/2" hem.

Fold up your panel to the top, so that your right sides are facing in towards each other. Pin in place, and then sew together, 1/2" hem.

Pin your sides together, and sew them together, 1/2" hem. Leave an opening at the bottom of one side for where you are going to turn your curtain right side out. I sewed down that side, left an opening, and then sewed a few inches at the bottom - if that makes sense! Another thing my mom suggested was to pin in the loops along each edge so that it didn't get caught when I was hemming up that side. Good call!

Cut the corners - being careful not to cut your stitches - this will help make your corners pointy when you turn it.

Pull your curtain through. Pull out your corners. Be careful - you've still got a couple of pins in there holding your loops out of the way!

Now you need to hand stitch up your opening along the one side. I don't know how to explain this! My mom just showed me how to do it - she calls it a blind stitch - so find someone to show you how! Real helpful, I know.....

I didn't want to leave the curtains just plain black, so I decided to make some of the fabric flowers I had made into clips, using two different colors of purple fabric. I glued on button embellishments, and hand stitched them along the top where the loops are.


Not bad, right? It's my first sewing project and I'm pretty pleased with myself!

I'm working on one more project for my girls' room (you'll see it soon!) and then I think their room is about done.

Well, except for this black chandelier from Madison Envy. I'm still waiting for a benefactor to surprise me with it.



  1. Adorable! My girls really need curtains and I love the little flowers on top.

  2. Cute curtains Summer, isn't sewing addicting!!! Excited to see your next project!

  3. Still can't believe you can sew. I saw the pic you sent mom on her phone - so adorable! I can't think of the word for it though...haha. Mobile! it was so stinking cute!

  4. Great job! Curtains are so expensive. TFS the tutorial.

  5. These turned out GREAT! Love them! Especially the flowers on the tabs!


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