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Saturday, February 20, 2010

.:Blog Awards:.

I've been sitting on some blog awards for about a month now, and I figured that with a couple of new ones I should get around to all of them! So sorry for being such a slacker! And a huge thank you to everyone who nominated me for these awards - you are all such amazing women!

The first award I got was the Sunshine Award from Bobbie at A Vision to Remember.

Thanks Bobbie!

Another award I got was from Steffany from Out of Chaos. It is the Best Blog Award.

Thanks Steffany!

Recently, I got the Beautiful Blogger award from two different people, both named Michelle! Michelle at A Little Tipsy and Michelle at Land of the Misfit Toys.

Thank you to both Michelles!

For the Best Blog award, I am supposed to share three things I would like to learn how to do:

1. Take better pictures (I'm sure all of my readers would like that too!)

2. Become better at sewing - I'm seriously addicted right now!

3. Balance having two kids (next month!) and hobbies (I'll take any tips!)

For the Beautiful Blogger award, I am supposed to share seven random facts about me.

1. I love the smell of scotch tape and lipstick. Weird, I know!

2. I'm borderline OCD about having things in order and put away in my house. I can't go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink, or even clean ones drying on the dish rack. Some mommies are able to just let their kids play the day away and pick up at the end of the day (not criticizing AT ALL!) but I have to pick up things, multiple times throughout the day, because it makes me crazy to have Reece's stuff out!

3. I can't take naps. Well, I can, but I always choose not to, even if I'm exhausted. If I take a nap, I don't sleep at nite. Which I'm not the best sleeper anyway, so that makes it even worse!

4. Along with naps, I can't sleep in. I just feel like there's always enough to do to use my time sleeping. I'm up between 6:00-6:15 every day. I try to work out, shower, and check my google reader before Reece gets up at 8:00. Then I like to be out the door by 9:00 if we have errands to run. We'll see how long this lasts once baby sister is here!

5. I do this weird thing where I 'ruffle' the edges of pillow cases and sheets with my fingers. It's totally weird, but I've always done it and don't really see myself stopping anytime soon. My family makes fun of me, but we all have our weird quirks! :)

6. I'm totally, 100% addicted to Diet Coke. And I'm okay with that!

7. I LOVE historical fiction. Ever since I read The Other Boleyn Girl, I've been hooked. If you have any good recommendations, pass them along!

Hopefully, you will all keep reading, even though I've shared some weirdo things about me! :)

I'm sorry for not passing any of these along to other blogs! If you are reading this and you want to grab one of these and share on your blog, please do!

Thanks again ladies for the awards!


  1. Two good historical fiction books: The Whiskey Rebels by David Liss takes place around the revolutionary war, East of the Sun by Julia Gregson about Englishwomen traveling to India to find husbands among the troops stationed there during the late 1920's .

  2. Congratulations on the blog awards!

  3. Couple of other good historical fiction reads: The Help by Kathryn Stockett about colored women who are maids during the early 1960's and The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford about a Chinese American man who is reflecting on the loss of his "soul mate" a Japanese American girl who was interred in a "relocation camp" during WWII. Congrats on the awards!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. If you liked "The Other Boleyn Girl", you'll probably like "The Constant Princess" which is written by the same author.

    Congrats on the blog awards!

  6. Thanks for the book suggestions! I've read all of Philipa Gregory's books - love them! I'm also number 600 on the hold list for The Help at the library right now! It's our book club book for next month. I'll have to look up some of those other ones. Keep the suggestions coming! :)

  7. You should read Water for Elephants. Wonderful historical fiction based on the circus beginnings.
    I LOVE your blog. =o)

  8. I LOVE Water for Elephants! It was so quirky and fascinating! I would love to find something else like that!

  9. I have ran across your blog recently, and I LOVE it!! You are so stinkin cute and creative!!


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