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Friday, March 26, 2010

.:Guest Blogger - Bobbie @ A Vision to Remember:.

Hello, Sumos Sweet Stuff Readers. I am Bobbie with A Vision to Remember. I have 2 little girls that keep me really busy. But when I have a minute I sew, cut, and glue my way through whatever I can think of, one craft at a time.

A Vision to Remember

Here are a couple of things that I have made over at my blog:

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I even have an Etsy shop where I sell car seat tents, rag quilts, and patterns

Check me out Saturdays

I also host a link party each Saturday on my blog. There are always a ton of really fun things shared there. I hope to see you there.

The apron I made was for my 3 year old. At the widest point it is 20 inches and at the top it is 6 inches wide. It is going to be big on her but I did that on purpose so that she could grow into it. It is about 2 ft tall.

Materials Needed:


Fabric (I used 3 different colors, 1/3 yard of the blue, 2/3 yd each of pink and yellow)

Sewing Machine

Sewing Supplies

1. With the newspaper cut out the shape of the apron that you are wanting. I wanted the bottom to be scalloped so it was a little more difficult. I also made the slides slope a bit, but to make it easier you could just cut it at a straight line. Also the top part is a little bowed so that it will fit better around the neck.

2. Place the newspaper pattern over the fabric. Pin in place and cut.

3. Place the right side of the cutout apron on the right side of the other fabric that you will be using. The wrong side (that would be the side that you don't want to see when you have a finished product). Pin them in place and cut.

4. Cut out of the blue (or accent fabric) two 4 inch x the short length of your fabric (it will either be 45, 54, 60)

5. Fold in half and sew together.

6. Turn the tubes inside out (this is time consuming because the tubes are pretty skinny) .

7. Next cut the desired length for the neck piece (my fabric was 45 inches and I cut it in half so 22.5), and the lengths for the ties (mine were the same length as the neck piece).

8. To make the ends of the ties and neck piece look better fold inside of the tube about a 1/4-1/2 inch of fabric and sew in place (see the pic).

9. Cut out desired size of pockets (mine are 6 inch by 5 inch). Turn about 1/4 inch of fabric over to finish the sides and sew.

10. Sew the pockets onto the first apron cutout onto the desired spot on the right spot.

11. Sew the two apron pieces together, inside out, or the right sides facing each other. Make sure to leave a hole about 2 inches long so that you could turn the apron right side out. Sew the hole together when it is turned.

12. Attatch the apron strings (neck piece and side ties). On mine I placed the neck piece as close to the edge of the top as possible, and the side pieces I placed them at the top of the widest part of the apron.

I hope to see you at my link party Check ME Out Saturdays on my blog each saturday!

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