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Monday, March 8, 2010

.:Market Yourself Monday - Journaling and Scrapbooking:.

Monday morning business as usual!

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who has volunteered to guest blog for me while I am out with my new baby. I have all of my spots filled up, and you are all going to be in for a treat at what they have to share! The first spot is this Wednesday, and I promise, you will love it!

Now, onto Market Yourself Monday!

It can be tough to find the balance of journaling, scrapbooking, and otherwise preserving your children's memories for them (and yours!) I thought I would share what I do, and then you are all welcome to leave comments about what you do! Maybe we can all get some good ideas!

The first thing I do is a pre-made scrapbook for each year of my child(ren)'s life. I had one ready to go before Reece was born, and just finished making Reece's second one (a little late, I know!) and one for baby girl. They are nothing fancy, but I love just being able to pop some pictures in there each month and not have to worry much more than that. I'll be sharing my tutorial for them tomorrow.

For each of my pregnancies, I have also kept a Belly Book. I love these, and think they will be such a fun keepsake for each of my children when they are older and can appreciate it more. They are really fun for me to look back on and see what my belly looked like and how I was feeling at certain points in my pregnancies!

I have a personal (and private) family blog that I keep all of our family memories in. I'm hoping to eventually get this printed off into book(s).

For Reece, I have also kept a journal for her. I just get a cute, spiral bound notebook from Wal-Mart, and try to write in it once a week. Okay, I'll be honest. The once a week has been one of my New Year's resolutions! I was not very good at keeping it current for awhile, but I'm back on track now. I just sit down every Sunday and write a little bit about what she's been up to that week. Sometimes there's barely anything to write, but other times there's more. Either way, it keeps us current and I don't find myself trying to play catch up! I have already bought a notebook for baby sister and plan to continue this with her.

The last thing I do is keep a binder for records. Reece has a binder (and so does baby sister!) that has sections in it for Doctor's Appts., Vaccinations, Medications, and Notes. I keep papers in there for each of those areas so that I have a good reference. The first two are the papers and records I get at each doctor's appointment. For medications, I keep notes about what the medication is, the start and stop dates of each medication, and reactions/results of the medications. Reece is only 17 months old, so she hasn't had a ton of medications in her little lifetime, but between reflux and really bad eczema, there have been enough worth documenting! In the notes section, I just keep lined notebook paper and write down things of importance: first (tooth, smile, laugh, etc.), schedules at certain periods during her life, start dates of baby foods and her reactions, words/animal sounds known at certain points, when she dropped naps, feedings, swaddle, etc. It's been helpful as I've had questions from other mommies about these things, and I know it will be a great resource with baby sister!

So that's that. Maybe I do too much, maybe not enough. But I like that, assuming I can keep up on this, I'll have lots of neat things to give to my kids to have forever! I've always loved looking back through my own baby book and scrapbooks.

What are some ways you preserve memories for your children/family? Leave a comment!

And don't forget to link up your latest projects and creations! Grab the button and let's get sharing!


  1. You are doing a great job of preserving those memories! I have kept a baby book with stats, doctor's appointments, etc. for my three, and then I do a first year book for each baby and a family scrapbook each year. I have to say I am running very behind, though, after the addition of #3! :)

    This is my first time participating in your link party. Thanks so much for hosting!

  2. The Belly Book is really cool. How fun. I am 6 months prego and that really would have been fun, I just right it down on my calendar then transfer it into the baby book.

    I posted a link #(38)to what I do to journal all of the happenings around our place. It has been one of my favorite things to do the last couple of years. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. WOW - I wish I did more to document my son's years. I'm so hit and miss on scrapping and journaling. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Have a blessed week!

  4. #87 Needs to be deleted...wrong web address...so sorry! Thanks for hosting today!

  5. I used to be so good about scrap booking but, the more kids I have the crazier life gets so I just started blogging. At least I'm doing something right? I hope to one day put all the posts into book format for each of them.


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