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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

.:Tutorial Tuesday - Bow Holder:.

Reece has had this bow holder, and it has been full for quite awhile.

I ended up having to put new clips and bows on her picture board.

Well, I decided that I was tired of having her picture board all cluttered up! I figured I could just find something around the house to use.

I made these fabric covered hangers awhile back, and figured that I could glam a hanger up to pass for a bow holder. Fabric would look darling, but I didn't have any on hand that I would want as a decoration in Reece's room. So I just used some black satin ribbon that I already had.

What you need:

- hanger (I used a baby hanger)
- ribbon (or fabric!) to wrap hanger
- ribbon to hang
- hot glue/gun

You just start off by putting some glue on the end of your hanger, and just pinching the end of your ribbon around it.

Start wrapping it around! This is partway.

At the end, I just looped it and knotted it. I didn't use hot glue anywhere but the very beginning. It's pretty secure with the wrapping, but if you are worried about it, you could glue down spots from time to time as you wrap.

Cut your ribbon as long as you want it to hang, and tie it around the hanger. (You may notice that I used a different ribbon than I showed above in my materials. I tried the satin ribbon first, but the clips wouldn't hold on, so I switched to organza and it worked great!)

I clipped on this purple flower clip that Reece has to hide a bit of the top of the hanger. You could add whatever accessory you wanted to glam it up.

Hang it up!

And add bows!

(Yes, I realize it is a bit ridiculous how many bows and clips my girls have. But in my defense, a good portion of the second bow holder's clips are items listed in my etsy shop. And, Reece did wear almost all of the clips that are on her bow holder. There are some I could get rid of, though. I'll figure somewhere else to put them later...I just wanted to see them all hanging nicely!)

Easy! And potentially free if you have the materials already laying around. Yes, you can tell it's a hanger, but I still think it looks pretty cute, and it was a quick fix for my problem!

And now the picture board can be used for pictures!


  1. I love when I see someone with more bows then my daughter! Doesn't make me feel so obsessive. Very cute idea. I made a bow holder a while back. We love bows!

  2. That is a great idea! That way they are all kept together and you don't end up losing one of the set! And you can't deny little girls have to have bows! :)

  3. Thats a lot of bows! Cute holder though..you might have to make a few more!

  4. What a brilliant idea! Yes, LOTS of bows, but every girl should have lots of bows :)

  5. Very nice idea! It's so pretty!


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