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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Okay, I have been seriously slacking. So many of you wonderful ladies have given me awards over the past couple of months. Between the new baby and figuring out life with two kids, I haven't had time to properly thank everyone for them!

Anne from Anne's Antics awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award

Brittany at Love Stitched awarded me the Trendy Blog Award

Ocean's Blog nominated me for an award - thanks!

Erika from Miss Crafty Pants gave me the You Make Me Happy Award

Kimbo from A Girl and a Glue Gun awarded me the Preppy Mafia Award

I got a Sunshine Award from Stephanie at Minutes to Spare

Tammy from Not Just Paper and Glue also gave me the Sunshine Award

Allison from House of Hepworths also gave me the Sunshine Award

Now, don't hate me ladies. I've obviously slacked at even accepting these awards, so did you think I'd be much good at passing them along?? I'm truly honored, and I just could pass them on to soooo many blogs (seriously, there are A LOT in my reader!) But I will just share a few things about myself, and graciously pass these along to any of my amazing readers!

** I have two beautiful little girls who are 18 months apart **

** I overstuff my diaper bag to the max; better safe than sorry, right? **

** I LOVE historical fiction (I just discovered the Outlander series - seriously, how have I not known about this??) **

** I used to be the most un-domestic person on the planet; I think my mom is still recovering from the shock of where I'm at now **

** I'm the oldest of five kids **

** I grew up in Southern Oregon **

** My high school mascot was a pelican - yep, a pelican **

** My toe nails must always be painted **

** I love my crockpot **

** Lilies are my favorite flower **

** Peanut butter and chocolate are celestial **

So there's a few facts about me. Feel free to grab an award and share some things about you!

Thank you again to everyone who thought of me!

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