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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

.:Mouth-Watering Wednesday - S'mores Cupcakes:.

Here's a fun take on a summer classic!

- brownie mix
- large marshmallows
- vegetable oil
- eggs
- cupcake liners (optional, I hate cleaning out a muffin tin though!)
- marshmallow cream
- graham crackers
- butter
- sugar
- 1 large Hershey bar (optional, I used it for a garnish)

Crush up your graham crackers. I double bagged mine in Ziplocks, and just crushed them with my hands. It didn't take long, but a meat tenderizer would work well, too! I used one whole sleeve of crackers.

Put them in a bowl and add butter. I just eye balled this one - you'll know when it's enough. Microwave and add until all of the graham cracker crumbs are evenly coated.

Sprinkle sugar into graham mix.

Mix brownie mix as directed on the box.

Line your muffin tin with cupcake liners. Put about a tablespoon of graham crumb mix in each liner.
Real bakers probably use a shot glass to smoosh it down in there. I improvised and used the lid to one of Reece's bottle!

Add one large marshmallow to each cupcake liner.

Pour brownie mix over the top.

Bake for 15-16 minutes at 350.

Let cupcakes cool before frosting. I put my marshmallow cream in a Ziplock and cut off the tip to frost. It actually didn't end up mattering and looking pretty because my house was too warm and the pretty swirl just melted into a blob.

Sprinkle graham crumb mix on top.

Garnish with one piece of Hershey bar.

Eat and enjoy!

I also saw online one recipe where, after frosting with the marshmallow cream, the cupcakes were put in the oven on broil to brown the marshmallow frosting - just like a real S'mores! Probably pretty tasty!



  1. Those cupcakes look so yummy!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe. They remind me of summer time. I can't wait for summer.

  2. I can't wait to try this recipe for my 2 daughters! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I can feel my waistline expanding already! I defiantly have to try these!

  4. Ohh Emm Gee!!! I want one NOW!!! Those look fabulous. I am going to try this with my munchkin. Thanks!

  5. These are some of the best Smores cupcakes I've ever seen!! Now I'm hungry :-)

  6. So you're bringing those to my house right now, right? OK good that's what I thought. Adding these to my must bake list. Thanks!
    Heather @ www.savingmoneylivinglife.com

  7. I can always count on you for yummy easy recipes! These look AMAZING!!

  8. You always have the best recipes! Can't wait to try these!

  9. been looking for a recipe to make for the YW camp kick off party, this is THE WINNER! they are fantastic thanks for sharing :)

  10. WOW... If it weren't 10:30 at night I would totally go buy everything to make these right now! Great tutorial!

  11. I sent this to two of my sisters -- my nieces and nephews are always clamoring for S'mores. Thanks for sharing!
    Jude @ dolcecapecod.blogspot.com

  12. Oh my gosh! You make the best things! I am so going to make these!!!! (And probably eat them all myself!)

  13. Oh my goodness these look so tasty!!!!

  14. When I read the link to this post I almost said, "NO WAY!!" out loud. :D That is so awesome!! I can't wait to try it.

  15. Oh. my. goodness. Those look amazing...I will definitely make these for my s'more loving sisters!

  16. you have a lovely blog, and i am so happy that i found it today!
    Come and check out our corner at "my little jedi" and spread the love xx

  17. These look positively sinful. Yum!

  18. Oh, yummy. It looks like they baked up really well--no marshmallow accidents.

  19. I think I just gained ten lbs. looking at these!


  20. Oh. My. Gosh. Those look absolutely delicious!! Will be saving the recipe for sure :)

  21. Those look and sound delicious, and pretty easy too! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Yum! We love S'mores at our house! And I love how you added the little chocolate bar on top.
    I'd love for you to link up to Cupcake Tuesday!

  23. These look so yummy!


  24. These looks so yummy. I actually started craving s'mores the other night but had like nothing to make them. Now I'm pretty sure I'm making these this week!

  25. Oh my goodness! These look amazingly good.

    Found you @ the Cupcake Carnival. :)


  26. You said my two favorite words, S'mores and Cupcakes! YUM!

  27. First I made these.
    Then I ate one.
    Then I wrote a blog about it.
    The post is called HOLY SMOKES, BATMAN! if that tells you anything. ;)



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