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Friday, June 11, 2010

.:Feature Friday - A Few of my Favorite Things:.

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be blog swapping with Summer today! I recently decided that I wanted some cute shirts this summer, but didn't have much money to spend. So, I pulled out all my boring tees and decided to do some revamping! I looked around at what other creative bloggers were doing (and found lots of ideas on my Link party Favorite Things Friday.) I really liked this shirt:

First I took a plain crew neck tee and cut the neck to make it more of a scoop neck.

Then I took in the sides a little bit. This is really easy. All you do is put it on inside out and pin where you want to take it in. Stitch where you pinned and cut off the excess!

I use the scraps from these changes to make the ruffles. I just made a basting stitch then pulled the thread to make the ruffles.

Pin the pieces on the neck where you want them and sew them on.

I attached the ruffles all around the neck and doubled them up on one side:

And on the back. I really like that about it :)

I hope that was clear and that some of you go make one! Thanks for having me today Summer!


  1. SUPER cute, I must have one...err make one! Adding to my list, thank you for sharing! ~Sam

  2. Love it!! I love the pic of you showing the the back too, so cute!

  3. Cute! I think I know what my next project will be :)

  4. So cute!! This makes me want to learn to sew...sorta....ok, I'd rather just buy one...or maybe my sister would make me one... :)



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