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Friday, July 16, 2010

.:Feature Friday - Santa's Gift Shppe:.

Hi.. I'm Barb..the girl behind "Santa's Gift Shoppe"
Year~Round..First, I'd like to thank Summer
for inviting me here today to share some of my
dreams & inspirations with you.

You might wonder why I chose the name "Santa's
Gift Shoppe" Year~Round for my blog/Etsy Store?
Well, as you can see (by the photos here) my family took
many trips to "Santa's Village" up in the mountains
when I was younger. I loved all the Mrs. Claus' candy,
cookies, & jams and all the fun rides, real reindeers,
& meeting Santa Claus. So... it was my inspiration
for my Blog/Etsy Shoppe & "Annual Christmas
Boutique" I have in my home.

This is me just outside Mrs. Claus' Kitchen
where all the jams & cookies were. (Below)
there were Giant Lollipops..everything
you'd expect @ Santa's place.

Even a horse drawn Pumpkin.. driven by elves!

Well.. I guess these things stayed with me for many
years & the wonderful "Spirit" that goes along with
giving & "Christmas". (I start watching
Christmas Movies in July!)
Years ago I started having an "Annual Christmas
Boutique" in my home..where you take out
your furniture & rearrange stuff so you can put
up items that I have made during the year to sell..
in a Shoppe..a "Santa's Gift Shoppe"

What might be in "Santa's Gift Shoppe" I thought...
Candy, Cookies, & Lollipops for sure..(Below) are
some Homemade Twix bars that are on my blog
for the Recipe.. We had a "Christmas Home Tour"
last week.. on the blog..so if you want some ideas for
Christmas you'll know where to look!

If your looking for Great Gifts....Mom/Daughter
Apron Sets are a winning combination..You can
purchase those at my ETSY STORE HERE at an
afforable price. (Lots of colors & fabric choices) I am
going to be gone for vacation til Aug. 1st so the Store
won't be open until I get back. (You can still check out
my blog with Etsy stuff on it.

This is one of the Easiest/Fastest Candies you'll
ever make. I call them "Peanut Clusters"It also
has been on Foodista for the last few months in a
contest (that the editor wanted me to be in) For
the recipe click HERE (It's on my Blog)

(Below) Is another Recipe.. that you'll have to try..
Chocolate Caramel Thumbprints..For the
"Recipe" Click HERE.

This is a picture of "Mrs. Claus' Kitchen"
@ "Santa's Gift Shoppe Boutique" last year.
Cinnamon Rolls, Biscotti, Mini Breads of all kinds,
Candies & Cookies galore. oh.. Don't forget the
Snowman's Soup! (Below) are Mrs. Claus' Jams & Jellies..300
jars & 20 different blends from backyard trees.

(Below) are some of my Favorite things to make:
Anything Vinyl..Blocks, Stone tiles, Wood,
(Below) Is the wonderful "MONOGRAM TILE"..
I just love making these...They are fun & so Classy
& sure do update a home without breaking the
bank..If interested in purchasing one check out
my Blog or look on my ETSY SHOPPE (They
make the perfect Wedding gift or Christmas
And one of my favorite pastimes is to paint..
the One-Stroke Way..anything oranments, cards,
bags, boxes...Donna dewberry invented this style
of painting & I am so grateful to her..because it is
a beautiful way of expressing oneself. Want to
try?? Click HERE for her Video..

Thank you for letting me share some of my Life &
Loves with you...my dear friends...


  1. We used to drive by Santa's Village every year on our way to Santa Cruz. My parents went all the time when they were little. Awesome photos!

  2. This is my kind of place! I just love Christmas and I love winter because it means I get to bake all those sweets and treats like you have. I will have to try those twix bars, I have heard of them but I haven't tried them yet. Thanks for sharing!


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