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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

.:CSN Stores Review:.

Awhile back, I let you all know that I was going to be lucky enough to review an item for CSN Stores. After being on vacation, and finally deciding what to order, I'm ready to do that now!

My husband and I have been married for almost five years. (Are you kidding me? It's flown!) We got a set of pots and pans for our wedding, and while they weren't anything special, they worked just fine. But for the last little while, our pots and pans have taken a turn for the worst. The bottoms were warping and not laying flat on the stovetop, little black flecks were coming off the insides, and they just weren't cutting it anymore. We had talked about maybe getting pots and pans for our anniversary, or asking for them for Christmas or something!

But then the heavens opened and CSN Stores said I could pick something to review. So, this was a great opportunity for me to get those new pots and pans that we've been wanting!

This is the set we picked:

It's a Faberware set, which I felt comfortable getting because we have quite a few of their kitchen utensils, and they have always seemed to be a good quality and very durable.

The first place CSN Stores got points was that they upped my shipping time so that my new goodies would arrive sooner than expected. Score!

When they got here, it was like Christmas morning. I never thought in my life that getting new pots and pans would be exciting to me (I'm sure my mom is thinking the same thing). But it was so satisfying to pull those shiny new pots out of the box and realize that they were all mine!

I washed them all out quickly so that I could put them to use for dinner that nite. We're a big fan of breakfast burritos, so that's what was on the menu that particular nite. We love to buy the uncooked tortillas. I used one of my new frying pans to cook the tortillas. Remember how I said my old pans were getting warped on the bottom? That meant that the heat wasn't distributed evenly and it took longer for things to cook. Well, these babies cooked up those tortillas so quickly - I even burned a couple because I wasn't used to having pans that worked well!

I also used the frying pan for the eggs, and I really liked the high sides to the pan. It gave the pan a good depth so that I wasn't spilling out all over the place.

Since then, I've used my new pots and pans numerous times. I still love them! I love having various sizes of pots, and how deep they are. I also love having the matching lids. These pots and pans work so well, and it's made my cooking so much easier.

CSN Stores was wonderful to work with. I was very impressed with their fast service.

If they ever need someone to do a review for them again, they know where to find me!


  1. Yes, that was exactly what your mother was thinking........but I totally understand the feeling. When I bought my new ones, I left them out on the counter for about 2 weeks so I could just look at them. Love new pots and pans...........


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