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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

.:Lucky Me:.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was gushing about my new pots and pans from CSN Stores? (And how I shamelessly said they knew where to find me if they wanted me to do another review for them?)

Well, I get to do it again!

CSN Stores has so many options, and this time around, I'm not sure what I want to review! You all know how versatile CSN Stores is - they've got loads of products ranging from lights to bedding to toys to shoes to....okay, you get the point; they've got everything!

Here's a few things I'm considering:

Baby Stroller (Reece broke hers by standing in it! Not made for little kids my dear!)

A basketball hoop for the girls (my husband is determined to raise tomboys!)

Maybe a bag for me?

Or a new blender?

So many choices. I could spend hours looking around CSN Stores!

What do you think I should review?


  1. I'd go with the blender. Can't beat a good banana and chocolate smoothie!!

  2. I've had offers from them and I should really take advantage of them. I'd go with the basketball hoop.:)

  3. I have that same blender and really like it. But i'm sure any of your options would be great!

  4. Blender! So very useful, and it's not something more to add to the kids playroom and end up taking up space.

  5. I bet it's rare that you get to indulge in something extra nice for yourself so why not go for a cute purse???!

  6. i would go with something you use almost daily. its hard to get reviews from a kid and their toys. from those id say blender.

  7. I would pick something that I/the kids would use a lot and that I would get much enjoyment out of. I'm sure you can figure out which one of them that would be.

    Let's just say I'm jealous that you have a popular blog and get to try things out for free! :)

  8. Hey! I got an awesome offer for a review as well. I'm definitely going to be doing a blender. I've been eating biscuits for breakfast for the past month and it's taking a toll on my body. Definitely need to start making a healthy breakfast shake/smoothie. Looking forward to see what you review! The bag you posted is really cute! I love green.


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