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Sunday, August 29, 2010

.:Sponsor Sunday - Belleza Mia:.

I'm so excited to share my sponsor, Belleza Mia, with you today!

Here's Kendra to tell you a bit more about herself:

"Hi, my name is Kendra and I'm a craftaholic. I love to create because, to me, one of greatest feelings in the world is creating something amazing out of something ordinary. Also, it is my form of therapy and it keeps me sane. Seriously.

Ever since I was little I have loved making things with my hands. I have dabbled in just about everything from jewelry making (way back in Jr High!), painting, clothing construction, quilting, scrapbooking.... and if I haven't done it, I'm sure it's on my list of things I want to do. Currently I am VERY into jewelry making again and have my own shop, Belleza Mia, which means 'my beauty' in Spanish. I named it this because 1) I speak fluent Spanish, having served a mission for my church in Bolivia and 2) I believe that every woman is beautiful in their own way. And 3) to me, I can feel that beauty come out just a little when I am wearing a sparkly necklace or fun pair of earrings.

I am a mother of a almost three year old boy who makes me laugh constantly and a one year old boy who lights up a room with his infectious smile. I am also married to the greatest guy in the world who is extremely supportive and encouraging in everything I do. I'd be lost without him. Right now I am a mostly a stay at home mom and have recently quit my part time, at home job at a law firm to do my etsy shop full time and I am LOVING it.

I started my blog On My Side of the Room because I would often make something and people would keep asking me how to made it. So to save time, and remember my ideas and things I wanted to try, I started my blog!

The reason my blog is called "On My Side of the Room" is because that's what my craft room is, half craft room for me and half office for my husband. One day I'll have my own room but until then I'm makin' it work!"

I SO totally agree with what Kendra said about every gal feeling a bit more beautiful with a nice pair of sparkly earrings!

Kendra's etsy shop is filled with beautiful items. Here are just a few of my faves:

Isn't this pearl necklace so pretty?

I just love this key necklace!

These earrings are wonderful!

I think the simplicity of this necklace is stunning.

And that's only a tiny peek at everything Belleza Mia has to offer.

Guess what?

Kendra has graciously offered a 15% discount to anyone who mentions Sumo's Sweet Stuff at checkout! How great is that?

So head on over to Belleza Mia and see what you can't live without!

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