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Friday, October 8, 2010

.:Feature Friday - Homemade Hodgepodge:.

Well, hello there! This is Lisa from Homemade Hodgepodge

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I am humbled and excited to be doing a blog swap with Sumo! Her blog is so amazingly full of fun ideas that I am a bit intimidated by her greatness! She is truly an inspiration to me. But you know that already because you are here right? Check out her super cute tutorial over atHomemade Hodgepodge.

I am a proud Air Force wife who lives in Northern California with my hubby and sweet little boy who is about to turn two. He is already practicing hard already for the “terrific” twos!

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My wonderful Aunt got me interested in crafting at a young age. I remember her trying to figure out how to teach me, a lefty, how to knit and crochet. Getting into her craft stuff is one of my favorite memories of the summers I spent with her.

I started Homemade Hodgepodge in June because I was up late one night accomplishing something really crafty and I couldn’t call and share it with my friends because it was too late. So I decided to start a blog so I could share it with the world whenever I want to! My blog wants to be like Sumo’s when it grows up.

In the spirit of the season, I would like to share with you a little goodie. I was so excited when I saw some of these in solid colors, that I decided to try them with two sided paper and I love how they turned out.

Here’s what I used:

Green cardstock

Orange two sided cardstock


Small hole punch


I did this project twice. One with (12) 6”x1/2” strips of orange cardstock. The other with (24) 6”x1/2” strips. I like the way they both turned out so you choose your favorite.

Cut your strips. I made mine half inch but you can play with width and length to get an assortment of options.


Punch a small hole in both ends of each strip keeping the holes as even as possible.


Thread a brad through one of the holes and secure the strips together.


Spread the strips out until they are pretty even. Don’t worry about perfection, you can fix them when it is all put together.


The, one by one, curve each strip and thread the remaining holes onto another brad.


Now you have your pumpkin ball. You can squish it down a bit so it is more pumpkinish.


Cut leaves and skinny strips from green cardstock. Curl the strips around a pencil to create curly vines.


Affix your leaves and vines to the top and you have a cute and easy fall decoration.



Super cute!

Thanks to Sumo for letting me share. Keep your eye on Homemade Hodgepodge for more fun!

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