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Sunday, October 10, 2010

.:Lucky Me...Again!:.

I think I must be one lucky gal.

Remember how I said I was going to be reviewing a product for CSN Stores? Well, that review is coming this week, don't you worry, but in the meantime, CSN Stores has contacted me to do another review!

Hello! Lucky!

CSN Stores is amazing. I've spent so much time browsing through their sites, and I never cease to find about a million and one things that I'd like. Seriously, they've got wardrobes, car seats, sofas....the list goes on and on! These people have everything you could ever need!

So you'll have to wait and see what I got to review this last time. It wasn't one of the original things I posted about!

Here are some considerations for this time:

Car Seat - My baby is about grown out of our current car seat, so we need to find a convertible one that can go rear facing for awhile.

Sewing Machine - Mine is giving me fits lately! (Which you all know if you read my updates on facebook.)

Sewing Machine Case - I've been wanting one of these for awhile now!

There's a ton of other things I could use, how am I ever going to decide?

Thanks CSN Stores for yet another fantastic opportunity!


  1. I hear ya! I get lost just looking at all their wonderful goodies.

  2. I lo9ve the CSN stores i to have a review coming up this week for them...

  3. Im always hearing about people doing product reviews...and I have ask how you go about doing them??
    I would love do do some reviews.

  4. I own that carseat...exact one just different colors and I ADORE IT! It was well worth the 190$ we paid for it! If you are looking for a wonderful car seat that's the way to go! :)

    and the chance to use a new sew machine...I dream of the day! EXCITING!

  5. Wow lucky!!! :)
    I too would love to get a new sewing machine...mine has been giving me problems from day 1...snif snif. Tough choice!!!

  6. I agree with the car seat!! We have the same one and it was SO worth the money!!

  7. Go with the carseat. It saves family money on something you have to have. Trust me, I am right there with you, LOL! If I didn't have a just turning one-year-old myself, I would be telling you to go for the sewing machine, but... just tell hubby that it is a must have for xmas.
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  8. Congrats!

    oh btw, youve been tagged!


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