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Thursday, October 28, 2010

.:Things to Try Thursday - Trick or Treat Buckets:.

I'm sure you all know Ashley over at Make It and Love It. If you don't (although I don't know how that could be possible) then I suggest you get over there and sign up to be a follower immediately. You won't be disappointed.

She made these adorable themed, matching Trick or Treat Buckets to go with her kids' Cinderella and Prince Charming Halloween costumes.

If I am on the ball next year, I am totally doing this for my girls.

Go here to see how she made them. There's still time for you to make some for your little ones!


  1. Hey! This is such a cute idea...wish I had time to make some for this year but I'll have to put it in the "to do" ideas for next year, too!

  2. What a fantastic idea. The great work you done here, Which is marvelous, no need to paint again and again, and also no need to take care of that yard.
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