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Thursday, November 4, 2010

.:Silhouette - Heat Transfer Paper:.

Have you entered the Silhouette giveaway and the Creativity for Kids giveaway?

Come on down to the Heritage School Annual Boutique if you're in Utah and can make it to Provo!

The last thing I got to try out from Silhouette was their heat transfer paper. Let me tell you, I am loving this stuff. The possibilities are endless!

I decided to make some holiday pillows.

Since I don't own a Silhouette machine, I used my computer to print out what I was looking for; in this case, it was numbers.

I cut out my fabric to the size I wanted my pillows to be, printed out my numbers, and then cut out the numbers.

Next, I traced the numbers on to the shiny, clear side of the heat transfer paper. You can check this by lifting up the edge.

Cut those out. It doesn't matter that you can see the pen where I traced; this is on the clear side that you'll eventually be peeling away.

Place your number where you want it on your fabric.

Put a piece of cloth or fabric over the top of it and iron it down. Normally this wouldn't take too long, but since I was using a thicker material for my pillows, it took a bit longer.

Start to slowly peel off the clear layer. If it is not coming up easily, or is pulling away the heat transfer paper from your fabric, set it back down and go over it with the iron some more.

Sew your pillow together, add some ribbon, and you've got some cute holiday decorations!

These rolls of paper are generous, so I've got plenty leftover. I've got grand ideas to make some shirts for my girls - I love being able to create unique things like that!

Can you think of anything else to use this for?


  1. I'm wondering if you have tried the heat transfer material on shirts. I'd like to know how durable it is in washing/drying.

  2. You know, I haven't actually tried it on a t-shirt yet, so I don't know how it does with washing and drying! I'm sorry!

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