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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

.:Silhouette - Magnet Paper:.

Have you entered the Silhouette giveaway and the Creativity for Kids giveaway?

Another fun product that Silhouette let me review is their magnet paper.

It's super simple to use, and I think there are so many fun things you could do with it!

The first thing I did with mine is print off some of my business cards to my etsy shop. You just load the magnet paper into your printer and print as usual! Sadly, our color is not working at the moment, so I only got to do black and white, but they still turned out great. This will be a fun thing to either set out at the boutique I'm doing this week, or stick in with my orders when I mail them!

Another thing I did with the magnet paper was make Reece a puzzle for our fridge. She is really into puzzles right now, and I thought it would be fun to make one out of a picture of our family. Again, I just loaded it into our printer and printed the picture! Easy!

After it was printed, I cut it into puzzle pieces.

All that was left to do was stick it on the fridge and let Reece go to town! As you can see, she loves it and plays with it often.

There are a few other ideas I have for the magnet paper.

Wouldn't it be fun to make a homemade paper (okay magnet) doll using your own little gal's face? If we can get our color working on our printer, I am SO doing this for Reece! I think she would get a kick out of it.

You could easily use a cookie sheet, or a burner cover, to create any sort of matching game, tic tac toe, etc. A burner cover would be great to take with you in the car! I'm thinking I'll want to make something like this for Reece for the long car ride when we travel to Oregon for the holidays.

My friend has little magnets on her fridge that say a bunch of different dinners that she makes. She also has magnets that say each day of the week. So each week, she makes her little menu plan using her magnets. This would be super easy to make using this magnet paper! I have a dry erase calendar hanging on my fridge, so I could also just put the magnets on there for the week of what we are having for dinner each nite. If I got really ambitious, I could meal plan for weeks at a time using these!

I still have two sheets left, and I can't wait to use them! I just may have to take advantage of that discount code and order me some more!

Do you have any ideas for the magnet paper?

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