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Monday, December 27, 2010

.:Market Yourself Monday:.

Happy Monday!

Did everyone have a great Christmas?

We have been visiting with family, and have managed to still have a great time despite Remi getting her two front teeth (girlfriend does NOT handle teething well!), Reece having pink eye, and both of them having horrible colds and coughs. Good times.

But they were both spoiled rotten, and it was really fun to have Reece a little older this year for the holidays!

AND, I got a fabulous gift: a SILHOUETTE! I am beyond excited to get home and get using her. I also got a bunch of different colors of vinyl and some sketch pens (I think that's what they are called?), and I can't wait to start playing around. Any tips or suggestions for me?

The extent of my creativity on our vacation has been dressing up the table for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. Here's what we came up with this year. I think it is so pretty with the silver and red!

Now it's your turn to share! Have you had time to do any crafting during the holidays? Have a giveaway you'd like to share? An etsy shop you'd like to promote? Go ahead and link everything up! Just be nice and link back here!

Things will continue to be a bit quiet around here this week, as we're still enjoying time with family. But I'll be back and ready to go after the New Year!


  1. WOW!!! I can't believe you got a silhouette!!! PLEASE show us what you make because I'm dying to have one of those!! How wonderful :)

    I'm a follower of the hop today :)

    Feel free to stop by if you aren't a follower already: http://ashleycreations-a.blogspot.com

    - Ashley :)

  2. Thanks for the party. IF you ever get tired of your Silhouette, send it my way!

  3. Your table is beautiful! I love the use of bandanas as napkins! What a GREAT idea!
    Happy Holidays!

  4. Thank you for the party.. Your table is so beautiful!

    I'm following you on GFC too!



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