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Friday, December 24, 2010

.:Merry Christmas Eve Day:.

Merry Christmas Eve Day!

For me, Christmas Eve is almost better than actual Christmas day. It has always been full of traditions and fun, and I think the anticipation of Christmas Day makes it even better!

We almost always go to a movie on Christmas Eve. This year, my parents rented a movie theater for us and a bunch of their friends - talk about fun! We're going to see Tangled!

Later on, while dinner is being prepared, us kids will prepare a nativity performance. It used to be much more sweet, reverent and sincere when we were younger and actually acting it out. As we've gotten older, it has slowly become more of a reader's theater with hymns being sung, and there are often times where we get the giggles and have trouble going on! Bad! It is neat, because we have this same book that we always use to write the 'script' out of. We've saved all of the scripts and the programs throughout the years. What a neat keepsake! I think this year we are mixing it up and doing a flannel board story with the little kids.

Dinner is always the same: ham, funeral potatoes, rolls, salad, and chocolate pie. Yum!

After dinner, we open the traditional gift of pajamas from my parents. After we've all changed into ours, we do our gift exchange where we've drawn names.

Growing up, we would always sleep together in the basement and watch Christmas movies. We don't do that now, but we're all looking forward to the day our kids are all a little older so we can start having them do that!

What do you do on Christmas Eve? Do you have traditions? What do you usually eat on Christmas Eve? Share!

Happy Christmas Eve Day!


  1. I just had to stop by and say "Happy Holidays" to you and yours.. I so enjoy your blog..

  2. I posted a Christmas Eve thingy on my blog...my little part of life. Thanks for sharing yours! Merry Christmas to one of my favorite bloggers! Lynnie


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