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Friday, January 28, 2011

.:Feature Friday - Pocket Moxie:.

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I'm excited to share today's feature with you. I know firsthand how helpful online forums can be. When we lost our two pregnancies before our oldest was born, it was a difficult time for me and I didn't really know anyone in real life who had ever experienced what I was going through. I met a wonderful group of ladies in an online forum, and almost four years later, we still all 'talk' online and keep each other updated on our lives. We've seen each other through the heartbreaks of losing pregnancies and infertility to the joys of pregnancy and having babies. Online friendships can be so powerful!

Pocket Moxie is a 100% cost-free, ad-free, and drama-free support and discussion forum exclusively for women. Our members are mothers, mothers-to-be, and child-free, students, SAHMs, and career women, photographers, crafters, avid readers, sports fanatics, fashionistas, bloggers, home decorators, and so much more.

If you're looking to get in with an active group of girlfriends, Pocket Moxie ladies are amazing! Our members have supported one another through deployments, pregnancies and births, illness and wellness, break-ups and divorces, engagements and marriages, job loss, job search, the dating scene, and fitness and weight loss. In fact, so many of our members have lost notable weight or become physically fit that our Health and Fitness area is a source of inspiration for other members and one of our most popular forums.

Pocket Moxie members have the option to participate in regular Secret Sister match-ups and cute gift and recipe exchanges, plus ornament and card exchanges during the holidays. In addition we're known to have impromptu photography or fitness challenges to keep you on your toes. Our Book Worm Babes is an active book club in which members make reading goals and encourage each other to meet them. There are many surprises on Pocket Moxie for members who are seriously looking to make friends with awesome women from all over the country and sometimes sprinkled about the globe. Come on over and register! We look forward to meeting you!


  1. Thank you for the feature. I really appreciate it :)

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