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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

.:Tutorial Tuesday - Product Cards:.

So I am feeling pretty satisfied with my new product cards.

I was just trying to find something to do with my sketch pens, had this idea, and was pleasantly surprised with how they turned out!

Of course, you could definitely make these without a Silhouette, using your printer and a pair of scissors!

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool

Here's what you need:

- cardstock
- Silhouette sketch pens

Start off by making your shape of your cards using your Silhouette software. The design I used is a shape that was already with the software.

Then use the text feature to place your words inside your shape. I put my shop title and web address.

Next you want to take your shape away! You don't need those to be sketched on.

Then you'll switch out your blade for a Silhouette sketch pen. Lucy chose purple.

Send it to your Silhouette by pressing the cut button, but make sure you switch it to Silhouette sketch pen! Here's Lucy in action.

Doesn't it look nice?

Now you're going to go back to your Silhouette software and put your frame shape back over the words.

Switch out your sketch pen for your blade.

Here's where I made a mistake! I forgot to take my words off the page! So when I sent it to cut, it was trying to cut out those tiny words, too! Not good.

So take the words out here!

Then send it to your Silhouette to cut. It should cut your shape perfectly around your words.

Now add your product and you have some nice looking cards to display your hard work!

Even if you don't sell products, if you make anything as gifts, this would be a fun way to gift them out.

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool

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  1. They turned out great! Thanks for the tute. I just got the pen holder for my Silhouette...still need to try a PNC.

  2. These are sweet! I may have to try something like this with my Cricut & MTC. Came here from Tip Junkie - would love if you'd check my blog out as well - http://savingmine.blogspot.com

  3. I've been wanting to see how these worked! Looks great! I bought the pen holder for the Silhouette so I can use my own pens but haven't ventured to try it yet. Thanks for the demo!!

  4. I love these! What a great idea. Definitely going to give it a try.

  5. Love those. Thanks for linking up!

  6. Love this sumo!! Thank you so much for the idea and the tutorial! Cant wait to make some with my silhouette!

  7. I love that! I will add that to my list of reasons I need a silhouette:)

  8. Very cool! I need a silhouette! :)
    I have been a follower for a while.

  9. Those look so professional. You have never ending good ideas!

  10. these came out great, I got my silhouette in the beginning of February and I am still trying to find my way...but boy I love it

  11. stopping by from CREATIVE SHARE!
    Love the post.

    Stop by Itsy Bitsy and say hi:)


  12. Those turned out great. Thanks for linking. :)

  13. They look fantastic! Great job! Thanks so much for linking up to my Catch a Glimpse party! :)

  14. I love 'em! I need some of those! Alyssa of Boston stopping by from Inspiring Creations

  15. Very cute! I have some hair pins I want to give as gifts and they would look great on cards like this.

  16. Thank you for sharing, I own a Silhouette but never used the sketch pens! Have to try it.

  17. I love this idea. I have wanted to start selling some of my stuff. Thanks for linking up to Tuesday Tell All!

  18. Thank you for sharing. I really need to get a silhouette. I'm your newest follower. I'm having a party over at http://diyhshp.blogspot.com/ I would love if you stopped by and linked up your project.

  19. Summer I love it!!! Brilliant. I've been wanting product cards, but don't want to buy a TON. Now I just need a silhouette! Thanks for linking up, I'm featuring this today on Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

  20. These are awesome!!! The unique shape really makes you stand out.

  21. WOW! FANTASTIC! I love it! I need one of these Silhouettes!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie last week! I can't wait to see what you have for this week!

  22. ok, so i am trying this, but when ever i use my pens, the color never fills in. it comes out with pink outline white space...make sense?
    any tips.

    thanks amy


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