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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

.:Tutorial Tuesday - Rainbow Shirt:.

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My baby, my little Rem Rem, is turning one on Sunday.


I can hardly believe it! Where has this last year gone?

In honor of this sweet babe's birthday, we will be celebrating with a fun rainbow party! This month has been fabulous for gathering ideas, with the plethora of rainbow ideas all around blogland.

I haven't had to think. It's been awesome.

So, every birthday girl needs a special birthday outfit. And I just happened to get my Silhouette fabric interfacing in the mail. Combine the two and you get this fabulous rainbow shirt.

Original idea found here and here.

Want to make one?

Here's what you need:

- t-shirt (not pictured)
- fabric scraps in a rainbow of colors
- Silhouette machine (hereby after referred to as Lucy)
- sewing machine/accessories (hereby after referred to as Shirley)
- iron and ironing board (or counter and towel if you're like me!)

Let's get started.

You need to first figure out how big you want your largest rainbow to be. This will, of course, vary depending on size.

Once you've figured that out, cut squares of fabric in progressively smaller pieces until you've used all of your colors. I prefer to go in true ROY G BIV fashion! (Excuse the blurry picture please!)

Cut pieces of Silhouette's sewable fabric interfacing slightly smaller than your fabric pieces.

Iron it on, bumpy side down, paper side on top, and trim the excess fabric.

Peel off the paper backing.

Now it's time to get busy in your Silhouette's software.

I didn't have a rainbow graphic in my library of designs. But that's what's so cool about the Silhouette software! You can import your own graphics and designs! Awesome!

So I found a little rainbow and saved the file to my computer.

I opened up Silhouette Studio, clicked 'File' and then clicked on 'Import to my Library' down towards the bottom of the File menu.

Now my little rainbow is permanently in my library!

I opened up my rainbow graphic, and then went to my trace menu. I clicked on 'Select Trace Area' and dragged a box around my rainbow.

Then I selected Trace Outer Edge.

Now you can click and drag your outline to the side.

Go ahead and delete your original graphic, you won't be needing it anymore.

Now, this wasn't the exact shape that I wanted. I wanted the bottom connected all the way across. So I used the drawing tool to draw a line, connecting the ends of the rainbow.

Then I used my eraser to erase the inside arc of the rainbow.

Pretty cool, right?

Now I've got my shape!

I love Silhouette's software for many reasons, but I really love the grid feature. This is so helpful for sizing, especially when you are using smaller pieces to cut on to.

I rotated my rainbow shape and sized it after measuring how big my first (red) piece of fabric was. I placed my red fabric piece on the green cutting mat (this is for thicker cutting materials) with the interfacing side down, and the right side of the fabric up. Then I sent the shape to Lucy to cut!

It worked like a charm! I couldn't believe how easily Lucy cut the fabric. I was so excited about it that I even had to go tweet about it! One thing I have liked to do when cutting fabric with Lucy, is to select double cut. I am a little ocd about things, but I like to make sure it is really cut all the way. Luckily this is a shape that I could easily trim up with scissors if need be, but who wants to do that? :)

I did this for each color of the rainbow, measuring the fabric, and adjusting the size of my graphic until I had cut each color. Here's what the last sizing looked like.

Look at all those rainbow arcs!

Believe me when I tell you that it is important to trim all excess fabric that doesn't have the interfacing applied to it before you cut it. If it isn't adhered to the mat well, it can crumple up and not stay on the mat while you are cutting. (Yes, this did happen to me, so I speak from experience!)

Now you can start to see what it's going to look like.

Time for some clouds! I found a cute cloud graphic in Silhouette's store (it actually came with five different clouds!) so I used the un-group feature to single out one cloud.

I made it the size that I wanted, and then did a mirror image of it so that I'd have both clouds the same size, but not have the shape going in the same direction.

I put my flocked heat transfer on the cutting mat, and let Lucy do her thing! Peel off the negative space, leaving your cloud attached to the clear plastic sheet.

Are you kidding me? This is going to be so cute! (There may have been some squealing involved at this point!)

I took my red arc, and ironed it on to the shirt. I also did a stitch along the edge of the design with Shirley.

Since I had so many layers, I decided to stitch all of the layers together, and then iron them all down at once, leaving only one layer un-stitched so that I could stitch it down to the shirt. Does that make sense??? It can get awkward stitching to a shirt, just since you have to get funky with turning the shirt to go around the shapes, so I figured the fewer times I had to do that, the better!

I also used an alternating zig zag and straight stitch, like the examples did.

Then I layed my first cloud where I wanted it on the shirt, leaving the plastic sheet side up. I used a thin cloth to cover the cloud before ironing it down. Peel off the clear plastic sheet. If it is pulling up your shape with it, place it back down with a cloth over it, and iron some more! Mine definitely took awhile with all those fabric layers! I repeated the process with the other cloud.

Are you as excited about this shirt as I am?

It is soooooo cute, happy, and cheery!

I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

I also love that it isn't totally a birthday shirt, so Rem will be able to wear it all spring and summer long! Pretty sure big sister Reece needs one, too....

I decided to make a ruffle bum diaper cover to go with Remi's rainbow shirt. I used the tutorial over at MADE, and just added my own ruffles using the lettuce edge technique I used last week. If you are wanting to make one, it was super easy - I just cut strips of knit and attached them all to the widest part of the diaper cover's back piece. Instead of doing a casing around the legs, I just shirred them. I'm lazy like that.

Check out those ruffles!

Whew, you made it to the end! Good for you, if you're still with me, I know that was long!

Think you might like to try your hand at using a Silhouette and the new fabric interfacing?

Well you can, and for a very great price!

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool

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- Silhouette SD
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- one pack of sewable fabric interfacing
- one roll of white flocked heat transfer

Hello! That is an amazing deal! Snatch it up quick folks!

And don't worry, all of you lovely people who have a Silhouette already, you can still get a little something, too. How about 25% off the fabric interfacing? That sounds pretty nice, doesn't it?

Just use the code SUMO for both of the above deals!

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