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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

.:Tutorial Tuesday - Hair Candy:.

Our daughters are almost exactly 18 months apart, so we've been all baby around these parts for the last two and a half years.

Having two girls, you can imagine that the amount of accessories over here is completely out of control. We're really into headbands these days, and luckily my girls can share headbands (yes, my baby has a large melon!) This is what our headband collection used to look like.

Not so bad, you think? Maybe it doesn't look like it, but that little drawer causes me endless frustration because I can NEVER find the headband I am looking for. I always end up having to dump them out to find the exact one. You wouldn't think it would be so difficult, but it makes me think naughty words when I'm in a hurry and can't find what I'm looking for.

So I figured it was about time to find a solution.

Headbands are sweet things for your head, so we like to call them hair candy. To have a unique display of your own hair candy, here is what you'll need:

- vinyl
- Silhouette (or other vinyl cutting machine, or a friend who will cut it for you!)
- knobs (found mine in the knob aisle at Hobby Lobby)
- power drill (and if you're me, a handy husband)
- plastic wall anchors
- ruler and pencil
- pan scraper or credit card or something to rub over your vinyl

Before you get started on your display, you're going to have to get your vinyl ready. I used Lucy (don't your machines and appliances have names, too?) to cut out the words "Hair Candy".

Next, you need to figure out where you want to put your display. You're going to need an empty wall. I chose this little corner by our changing table. Convenient, because that's where my baby is usually laying when I put her headbands on! (Time to stop leaving her on the changing table while I dash to the bookshelf to rummage through the drawer!)

I measured the width of the space where this was going to go. I was lucky I had a corner and a window edge to box the area in; it made it much easier to measure! Mark the middle.

Let's just put it out there that I am not great at seeing whether things are straight are not. This is evidenced by my first experience putting vinyl on a wall. (Yep, I did that over two years ago and it's still there in all its crooked glory!)

So, maybe you might want to draw a light line with your pencil so that you can apply your vinyl straight.

I measured how long my words were, and figured out where the middle would be and stuck my vinyl up there.

Rub over your vinyl really well with your pan scraper.

Gently and slowly peel away your transfer paper. You can see in my picture that I obviously didn't rub over the vinyl well enough because it's trying to peel away with my transfer paper. No worries, just lay it back down and go over it again.

Go ahead and erase your pencil line.

Looks pretty good so far!

Now it's time to figure out where to put your knobs. I had three, so I wanted them spaced evenly underneath the words, but not perfectly lined up with them. I used my ruler under my words to help me measure. My words were 18 inches long. So I measured three inches in from the beginning and marked it, went six inches and marked again, went another six inches and marked again, and had three inches left to go to the end of my words. Worked out pretty perfectly!

For this next part, you might be one handy lady and know your way around with a power drill. I am not one of those ladies. (My mom would be so embarrassed, she is the woman who asks for power tools for Christmas!)

I enlisted the help of my handy hubby to slowly drill holes where my marks were.

Then it was time to put these plastic anchors in. Here's what they look like.

And here's them in the wall.

We're almost done! Aren't you getting excited? The fun part is next.

Screw your knobs into the wall anchors. Don't they look pretty?

Take your headbands and hang them up!

I loved that I have three knobs so that I can kind of sort my headbands into three different styles.

No, that's not all of the headbands we have, but those are ones that we use frequently.

So there you have it, a unique and fun way to display your hair candy!

No more naughty thoughts and headbands conveniently at your fingertips when you're getting your baby dressed for the day!

There are lots of options for knobs out there! If you don't want ceramic or crystal looking ones, you could always get wood ones and paint them or vinylize them. There's lots of other shapes and colors, too!

Don't have girls? No worries! This is easily adaptable for boys. Just maybe get some knobs that aren't all crystal-like, and switch out your words for something more boyish: Head Candy, Skull Candy, or something totally different! I'll assume your boys aren't wearing headbands; perhaps hang some hats!

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  1. Very cute! :) My daughters are 19 mths apart, they are now 3 and nearly-2 and our hair candy collection is out of control! Just don't let my hubs know I admitted that! ha! ;)

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