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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

.:Tutorial Tuesday - Stenciled Placemats:.

Go here to enter the Baby & Me Boutique giveaway.

Do you like to entertain?

Or do you just like to have a nice spread, even if it's only for you and your little family?

I don't know about you, but I sure do! I love throwing parties and showers, and having people over. I definitely don't do it often enough, but I wish I did.

Part of it for me is the decor. I like to make things look nice.

So when I saw these bamboo placemats at Target for $2.50 (for four!) I knew I could do something with them to make them fun and functional for us this summer.

Here's what you need:

- placemats
- Silhouette (LUCY!)
- vinyl
- paint
- brushes
- something to put under your placemats

Start off by designing something using your Silhouette software. Chevrons are the rage right now, and I thought they would be fun to have coming at different angles on the placemats.

Cut your vinyl. Peel off the design, and place it where you want it on the placemat. You can also use the negative space as a stencil, so you only have to cut the design twice. I'm all about speed crafting.

Stencil in your design using your choice of paint. I did two coats.

Take them outside to dry and realize that, duh!, the placemats are bamboo and have slats, so the paint totally bled through. Shoulda put a plastic placemat down! Learn from me.

When the paint is dry, peel off your vinyl.

Since the placemats did have the slats, you may have a bit of bleed through with the paint. The vinyl doesn't totally want to stick. I still think they look okay!

Pair them with a fabulous tablecloth for a bright, summery look.

View from the top.

Throw in some mis-matched colorful plastic ware, and you are ready to serve!

Monday, May 30, 2011

.:Giveaway - Baby & Me Boutique - CLOSED:.


I am truly excited to be here at Sumo's Sweet Stuff today! I'm Jill from Women Who Do It All. I've got some fun tutorials and awesome giveaways over there. I even have some freebie crochet patterns, so go check it out!

The rest of my patterns you can find in my etsy shop, Baby & Me Boutique. I sell all of my crochet patterns at competitive prices: $3.99 for one or 3 patterns for $9! I've got loads of cute hats, headbands, newborn photo props and more.
While I don't list many finished products, all of my patterns are available as finished products if you are interested. Just send me a convo on etsy.

I named my blog Women Who Do It All for a reason. I am a jack of all trades! On top of crafting, blogging, and crocheting I own my own photography studio. If you happen to live in the Pacific Northwest, you can check me out at Sweet Confections Photography. I keep my prices affordable in hopes that people won't put off getting family and child portraits done. Preserving those memories is so important!

Well, Jill has been so lovely and offered to give THREE winner each THREE patterns of their choice from her shop!


Why wouldn't you want to know how to make this,

Or this,

Or this?

Here's how you can enter to win:
(Each entry requires a separate comment.)


1. Visit Baby & Me Boutique and comment back with which patterns you'd choose.


2. Follow Women Who Do It All.

3. Like Women Who Do It All on Facebook.

4. Like Sweet Confections Photography on Facebook.

5. Follow Sumo's Sweet Stuff.

This giveaway will go through Monday, June 6th at 11:59 p.m. MST. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, June 7th.

Good luck!

.:Market Yourself Monday - Stenciled Placemats:.

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope you have all had a wonderful long weekend, complete with some family time and bbq-ing, and if you're lucky, some nice weather!

We will be spending time with my husband's family today, as we usually do for Memorial Day, and it's always nice to re-connect with his extended family for the day.

Have you been following the Pattern Remix series over at Me Sew Crazy? There has been a fabulous line up so far, and I am just dying over everything that has been shared so far. Well, I'm mighty honored to be included in that line up this week! I'll be sharing my re-mix on Thursday, and I have to say, I'm feeling a bit nervous about it with some of the other bloggers who have or will be on! I'm not worthy!

Even though it's a holiday, we're still partying around here!

I spent some time with Lucy last week, and here's what we came up with.

Aren't they bright and happy? Plus, chevrons. 'Nuff said.

I'll show you how to make some of your very own tomorrow.

Now it's your turn! Let's see what you've been working on. Don't worry, if you don't have a chance to link up today, the party is open until Friday nite, so come back and do it whenever you can!

PS - Be on the lookout for some changes here around Sumo's Sweet Stuff. I'm SO excited!

PPS - I've got another giveaway coming atcha later today! Yeah!

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

.:Sponsor Sunday - Can Organizer:.

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Of course if your cupboards are crammed with different odds and ends and you don't have space to fit several organizers in a row, customize what you need for the space that you have.

Aren't you ready to be organized and clean up those cupboards? Be better prepared and save now by visiting CanOrganizer.com and selecting the perfect size for your home.

Watch how easy they are to assemble

I saw these around the blogging world awhile back, and thought they sounded like a fantastic idea! Especially for our smaller pantry. I like that I can just customize it to fit our space and needs!

Right now, you can take 10% off ANY order by using the code SUMO!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

.:Giveaway Winners:.

Still waiting to hear back from the Freschetta and Sew Obsessed giveaways!

And the winner of the $20 to MooLaLa is:



Email me at sumossweetstuff@gmail.com to claim your prize!

New giveaway on Monday! Maybe even a mid-week giveaway next week, too!

.:Showcase Saturday:.

Wow, what a great linky party this week! I really had a tough time narrowing it down to just a few ideas to share.

Enjoy the goodness.

Be sure to grab a featured button if I showcased your idea today!

Market Yourself Monday will still happen on Monday, even though it's Memorial Day. The party is open all week long, so you can still link up later in the week if you are busy on Monday!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

.:Things to Try Thursday - Sand Table:.

I love this idea from Kaysi over at Keeping It Simple.

She made a sand table out of a plastic storage container and and old end table that she found at a garage sale.

Talk about resourceful!

And what a great thing for her kids to have all summer long.

Go here for her tutorial.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

.:Giveaway Winners:.

Holy Moly!

I totally spaced announcing the winners of not one, but TWO giveaways!

Sorry peeps!

First of all, the winner of the Freschetta pizza and cutting board is:



And the winner of the fat quarters from Sew Obsessed is:


Both of you, please email me within 48 hours at sumossweetstuff@gmail.com to claim your prizes!

Thanks everyone for entering!

And don't forget, you've got until the end of tomorrow to enter the MooLaLa giveaway. There are only 13 entries so far, and I don't get it! $20 cash or $20 towards a deal - go enter!

.:Mouth-Watering Wednesday - Summertime Cucumbers:.

We have been eating this in my family as long as I can remember. It's always a signal of warm weather and good times when these come out.

Plus, they are super easy!

Peel and cut as many cucumbers as you want.

Cover them in a bowl with about equal parts of water and vinegar, or if you're like me and like a little extra kick, slightly more vinegar. Taste as you go!

Add a bit of pepper, and then let them marinate in the fridge.

Enjoy with some sausage and onion soup potatoes, and you have yourself one delicious meal.

The only that is missing is watermelon!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

.:Silhouette Promo:.

Just wanted to remind everyone about the Silhouette promotion that ends tomorrow!

I had a little more fun with the shirts and headbands that I made for my girls, and added some shorts into the mix.

I am always calling them "Bootylicious" and trust me when I tell you that there really is not much better than hearing my two year old say, "I'm Bootylicious."

The Silhouette promotion is going through tomorrow, the 25th!

You can pick up:

- a Silhouette SD machine
- one roll teal heat transfer
- one roll dark pink heat transfer
- one roll flocked white heat transfer

All for $219!

Just use the code SUMO at checkout!

Go here to order!

Use the same code to get 25% off any heat transfer material if you've already got a Silhouette of your own.

.:Tutorial Tuesday - Re-Fashioned Girl's Tank:.

Go here to enter the MooLaLa giveaway.

Have you been waiting patiently since yesterday to learn how to make one of these darling shirts? Or more than one, if you're like me and have more than one girl that you sew for. We require double of everything around these parts!

The measurements I use here are for a 3T shirt. You can adjust them to fit whatever size you are making.

What you need:

- t-shirt (love me some cheapo Wal-Mart shirts!)
- fabric (I got 1/3 yard for this project)
- elastic
- sewing machine/accessories

I cut all of my stuff before I took the picture, so here's the breakdown of how I cut everything.

- Shirt: I took my rotary cutter and straight edged ruler and cut a diagonal piece of the shirt off. Don't cut too close to the seam where the sleeve is; you need a little bit to work with when sewing the ruffle on. Also cut the sleeve off, but leave a little bit to hem under.

- Ruffle: 4 inches x width of fabric

- Band: 4 inches x width of shirt plus about 2 inches

- Ties: 3 inches x width of fabric

Okay, let's get started. Take your band piece and zig zag or serge both long edges.

Hem up one edge about 1/4 inch.

Pin your un-hemmed edge to the bottom edge of the shirt - right sides together. Make sure you leave your ends hanging off evenly.

Sew around the edge of the t-shirt, attaching the band and shirt together.

Flip it over and top stitch it down. At this same time, you're going to sort of hem the top edge hanging off the side. Does that make sense???

Here's what it looks like to help.

Now take those flaps hanging off the sides, fold them over once, and then again and sew them down.

Put your shirt aside, and get your tie pieces. Fold them in half, length wise, right sides together, and sew down one side, leaving a small, two inch opening at the top. Also sew one end shut.

Pull it through, tuck your open ends in, and top stitch all the way around.

Pin your ties to your flaps.

Sew them on, then tie a cute little bow.

Time to head to the top of the shirt. Take that little sleeve and hem it under.

Now it's time to work on the ruffle. You'll want to zig zag or serge one edge and hem it up, then connect the ends.

Now here is where I'm going to leave you on your own. The way I did this ruffle is from a pattern that I bought, and I don't feel that it would be fair for me to share how to make it and attach it on. Feels dishonest. I'm sure all you lovely seamstresses can figure out how to do it or already know how, right? :)

And now you have your darling, adorable shirt for your darling, adorable gal!

Looks pretty cute, doesn't it?

Like I said, we do double of things around here! We couldn't leave little sister out!

New shirts are very exciting at our house.

Don't forget - the Silhouette promotion is still going through the 25th!

You can pick up:

- a Silhouette SD machine
- one roll teal heat transfer
- one roll dark pink heat transfer
- one roll flocked white heat transfer

All for $219!

Just use the code SUMO at checkout!

Go here to order!

Use the same code to get 25% off any heat transfer material if you've already got a Silhouette of your own.

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Linking up here: