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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

.:Silhouette Promotion - Tattoo Paper:.

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It's Silhouette promo time again!

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool

This month, Silhouette is promoting their tattoo paper. I got to try some out, and made a couple of different things using it.

You may have seen the golf ball tattoos on Silhouette's blog awhile back. My friend saw this, and wanted to make some for her husband for Father's Day. Of course, I was more than happy to help!

Like the directions on the blog, all you need is your Silhouette, tattoo paper, and golf balls!

I really basically followed the tutorial from Silhouette's blog almost exactly. You make your design in your software. I used fonts from Kevin & Amanda, in case you were wondering. They have great free fonts! My friend wanted to do some that said "#1 Dad" and some that had her husband initials, "DN". You also want to reverse your text! Don't forget to do this! And if you are using your Silhouette to cut, make sure the registration marks are showing.

Yes, there are some other words on there. I'll get to those in a minute!

Print your tattoos on the tattoo paper using your printer.

Take the green backing off the adhesive paper, and smooth down the sticky side on top of your tattoo paper. Try not to get any bubbles! I like to use my pan scraper for this part.

In Silhouette's tutorial, the #1 Dad was all connected together into one shape, so they were able to cut it out easily using the Silhouette.

As you can see, mine were not.

I knew that cutting them was going to be a nightmare, not only to cut, but then to adhere to the golf balls. So, I just cut around mine with a pair of scissors, trying to cut as closely to the words/initials as I could. Yes, there was going to be a little white area, but that wouldn't matter because it really wouldn't show up on the golf balls.

Take the plastic sheet off, press the tattoo to the golf ball using a wet paper towel, and hold for 10-15 seconds. Your paper should easily slide right off.

They look pretty great, huh?

Such a fun idea!

That wasn't the only thing I made using the tattoo paper. I thought it might be kind of fun to personalize my canvas print from Canvas People (as usual, they have their deal for a free 8x10 or $50 off a canvas!)

I wasn't totally sure if I would be able to do this without messing up the print, so I did a test tattoo first on the back of the canvas.

Again, I didn't use Lucy to cut out the tattoos (she definitely felt neglected), but I cut really close to the words to eliminate as much dead space as possible. I used a wet paper towel again, but I made sure that it wasn't super wet, so that a lot of water wasn't bleeding on to the canvas. I was also very careful to try to stay right on top of the paper backing with my paper towel.

The test print was a success, so I went ahead and did the personalizing to the front of my canvas!

I love how it turned out!

This would work so well for handprint canvas prints for grandparents, or any other sort of canvas art that you wanted to add a little extra to.

I think it's a fun touch!

Silhouette would like to offer YOU a chance to purchase a Silhouette AND try out the tattoo paper!

Here's what the offer is this month:

- 1 Silhouette SD machine
- 2 packages of temporary tattoo paper (two sheets in each package)

For $199!

That's $120 in savings!

Already have a Silhouette?

Don't worry, there's still an offer for you, too!

You can take 25% off ALL Silhouette products this month (excludes gift cards and download codes)!

Just use the code SUMO to cash in on either of these amazing offers!

This promotion only runs through June 29th, so take advantage while you can!


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