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Monday, August 15, 2011

.:Market Yourself Monday - Twirl Dress:.

Happy Monday!

Did you all have a good weekend?

We sure did! Well, for most of it! My husband had Friday and Saturday off, so we took advantage and got out to the splash park, took the kids to a dollar movie, and ate at a pizza buffet. My girls have been in heaven. Sadly, one of them is battling a cold (after having the pukes) and my husband started feeling sick yesterday, but at least we got some good times in before it all got too bad, right?

Last week was a super long stressful week, so I'm looking forward to hopefully having a better week this week!

I did manage to make a couple of dresses for my girls last week. Here is my one year old's dress.

It's pretty cute, isn't it? I am pretty happy with how they turned out. This was the best picture I could get of her wearing it; she is sooooo busy these days, it's impossible!

My two year old was so excited when I got hers done. It is pretty satisfying to have her be so excited for me to sew things for her! I love doing it no matter what, but that makes it especially sweet!

I'll share the tutorial with you tomorrow!

I also wrote my first pattern over the weekend! I've got pattern testers working on it as we speak! I'm hoping to get that all figured out and in the shop soon! I've got two others in the works, too.

Now I'd love to see what you've been working on! Remember, we're an open linky party here. Just be nice and link back where you can! Party is open through Friday nite, so feel free to add all week long! Only once per project, though, please! I'll be looking for some items to showcase on Saturday. I know we had a little trouble with pictures showing up last week, and I have no idea why. Hopefully that won't be an issue this week! Sorry to those who had to deal with it last week!

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  1. What a darling dress and model, Summer! Have a great week!

  2. Such a cute dress. Thanks so much for hosting.

  3. SO cute! And such a cutiepie, too! :)

  4. What a cutie! Thanks for hosting this. I enjoy adding to it, and seeing all the great projects others are doing.

  5. What an adorable dress!! Love it!
    Thanks for hosting :)

  6. Pretty dress for your pretty girl!

    Have a great Monday! :)

  7. Thanks for hosting this weeks party. I'm a new follower!

  8. Hi, I'm a new follower! I love your tutorials.


  9. Thanks for hosting Summer! The dress is really wonderful...

  10. Thanks for hosting! This week i have linked up Dice Floor Cushion Tutorial. It is sure to be a hit among kids! My DD loves hers!


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