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Friday, November 4, 2011

.:Feature Friday - Sweet C's Designs:.

Before we get to my amazing feature today, just wanted to let you all know that I'm guest posting over at A Glimpse Inside today with a fun Christmas project! Fun, simple, and functional - my kinda project!


Now on to my wonderful feature for today. I am loving this idea!

Hi Sumo's Sweet Stuff readers! I am so excited to be here with you today. My name is Courtney, and I am the mommy behind Sweet C's Designs. I am so excited to be sharing a fun, functional (and quick!) craft with you that will make your table shine during all of your upcoming festivities!

With the Holiday season steadily approaching, I have been busy finding simple ways to decorate our house and be more welcoming to our visitors. I try to keep our table pretty simple- I have a long farmhouse style table, which becomes quickly covered in tasty treats we pass around- but dressing up the dining room is always one of my favorite things to do for holiday dinners.

Today I am going to show you a really fun, easy and inexpensive way to dress up your dining room with my Ruffled Burlap Chair Covers! They only take a few minutes (and burlap is relatively inexpensive), but they look fabulous! I even added some chalkcloth to the covers so they can double as place cards, menu displays, or anything you can come up with!

For these adorable covers, you will need:

*Burlap (measure the height and width of the back of your chair to cut the burlap. Allow for 2-4 extra inches to allow for any curve the chair might have).

*4" Burlap Bias Tape, cut to double the width of your chair backing

*A Chalkcloth shape- I used a square, but you could cut a snowflake, cornucopia, turkey, Christmas tree... (you can find chalk cloth in the utility fabric section of your fabric store)

*Chalk pen (if you can't find in your craft store, they are under $7 on Etsy)

First, cut out all of your materials. I like to cut the chair backings with the burlap folded once as it comes off the bolt- that way I don't have to sew the top!

To make the burlap bias tape pleats, I simply folded over sections of the tape and sewed them down with a simple straight stitch as I went.


I didn't pay too much attention to measuring the spacing as I was going for a rustic look- but if you'd like perfectly spaced pleats, you can measure the tape and pin the pleats down before you start sewing. I also find it helpful to give the tape a quick iron once the pins are in place to help retain the shape while sewing.


Next, I placed everything on the unsewn backing to determine where I was going to place the ruffle and chalk square. Chalkcloth punctures easily- and unlike other cloths, it will retain pin marks. I used masking tape to place the chalk cloth where I wanted it to go. You can go ahead and pin the ruffled bias tape, however.


Sew the chalk cloth and ruffle onto the outside of the burlap (be sure to unfold the burlap, so that you are only sewing them onto one side of material). I used a simple zigzag stitch on the chalk square- but if your machine does any kind of decorative stitching, this is a great time to use it! I would just reccommend going a little more slowly on the chalkcloth. It is easy to work with, but because it will retain any holes you make, you don't want to have to re-do any of your stitching here.

To sew the ruffle on, a simple straight stitch down the middle works wonderfully! Just be sure to leave a little overhang on each side.

Next, turn the fabric inside out (right sides facing in).


Starting at a top corner, sew down the sides to hem your chair cover! Straight stitch up the other side, turn right-side out, and you're done!

I love the rustic elegance these chair covers give. I actually ended up making them for our kitchen island chairs to dress them up a bit as well! Next, I need to make some coordinating burlap and chalk cloth placemats!

*Note- burlap is a natural material, and can leave fibers on clothing. If you are throwing a formal event, or people will be wearing really nice clothing/suits, you might want to use linen or even muslin instead of burlap- or provide lint rollers!

You can find me at www.sweetcsdesigns.com, on facebook, twitter, Etsy, and Pinterest !


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