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Saturday, December 31, 2011

.:Top 11 in 2011:.

Can you believe that it's almost 2012?

That means it's been almost 10 years since I graduated from college. Yikes. That can make a girl feel old.

But I digress....

2011 was a wonderful year for me! I thought it would be fun to look back on what were your favorite posts throughout the year!

The number one post viewed in 2011 was actually a post from 2010! This t-shirt dress has been making the rounds on Pinterest, and I think I can understand why; it's one of my favorite things I've ever sewn!

Coming in at number two was another non-2011 post: zipper flowers! There are so many variations on these floating around. They are fun for big girls and little girls alike!

For number three, lots of you have been loving my strip baby blankets. They are simple, cute, and the perfect baby shower gift!

Another 2010 post for number four: car seat tent! Another simple project with great results. (Check out my pleated variation on this, too!)

Number five might be one of my all time favorites - my subway art sewing machine. It's shown here on Shirley, and I've got it cut out in purple and silver to adorn Veronica.

I loved making this ruffled rugby dress, and lots of you loved it, too, since it came in at number six!

Number seven is another project with Lucy. I used her to cut out these fun product cards to display my jewelry at a boutique!

I was so surprised to see my v-day jars come in on the top 11 list! They bring us up to number eight!

For number nine, these one shoulder shirts took the spotlight! I may be making three for this spring/summer....

I couldn't be happier with how this rainbow shirt turned out for my daughter's rainbow party. It's clocking in at number ten!

And lastly, taking the number eleven spot for 2011 is my luckiest wall hang. I just love those lyrics, don't you?


It looks like 2011 was quite a year here on the blog. I couldn't have done it without all of your support, comments, emails, and love! I seriously have the most amazing readers ever, and I've been so incredibly blessed with the opportunities that have come from this blog.

So thank you!

And to my top eleven referrers,

thank you also!

Here's to 2012!

Friday, December 30, 2011

.:{SCC} - New Year's Printable:.

Hello, Sweet Stuff readers!

I'm Michele, and I create at The Scrap Shoppe.

I'm really excited to be here to share a super fast last minute New Year's project!

What could be quicker than some free New Year's subway art?

This printable features all of the classic words and phrases that you think of when you think of the coming New Year. And because kissing my hubby at midnight is one of my favorite traditions, I wanted the word "kiss" to stand out so I made it red! The rest of the subway is done in black and shades of gray with a faint gray chevron background. Very New Year's chic, right?

Its as easy as print, trim, and put in a frame!

Before framing my art, I wanted to add an extra detail...

When I think of New Year's I think of sparkle, so I dressed up my favorite word on the subway art using a glitter pen (you can find a glitter pen in the scrapbook section of your local craft store).

Inside the frame, it definitely catches the light and casts a fun sparkle!

You can click the image above or click here to download the printable from Google Docs.

The subway art will print as an 8x10 on 8.5x11 printer paper.

I suggest printing on cardstock and adjusting your printer setting for print quality to high for the best printing results.

We don't decorate much for New Year's. Honestly, a lot of our Christmas decor is still up!

But I'm loving my little bit of New Year's decor!

Bring on midnight!

Thanks so much for having me over, Sumo!

Enjoy your time with that new little baby.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Darling! I love it! What a great way to ring in the New Year with a fun new decoration for your home! Time to get those Christmas decorations down...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

.:{SCC} - New Year's Printable:.

Hi guys!
SO happy to be here today.
I just love Sumo. Isn't she grand?!

Well, my name is Kristyn, and I blog over at Lil' Luna.
Come on over and say hi, and you will be sure to find lots of tutorials, crafts, recipes and printables.

Speaking of printables...

I thought I'd share with you some fun New Years Subway Art Printables today. I made them in 4 colors. All you have to do is print and frame, and you have a super cute and easy decoration!

To Print, just click on the image below, then click again and then right-click and save.
{It's that easy!!}

I hope you like it, and I hope you have a great New Years!!

Be sure to come on over and say hi too!!

Thanks for having me Sumo.

XO - Kristyn
I love a good printable, and how awesome of Kristyn to share it in different color options!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PartyLite for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I'm sure you've all seen the buzz about PartyLite around the internet lately. To be honest, I hadn't heard of PartyLite until I started seeing those blog posts pop up. Where have I been? Apparently PartyLite is the number one seller of premium candles in the world. Not only do they have people selling their products in the US, but also in 17 other countries!

PartyLite has 60,000 people who sell their products, with 12 million people attending parties each year. Did you know that means there is a PartyLite party happening every 18 seconds? Wow! I always love to have a girl's night. What better way to connect with your girl friends than gabbing over some great products? And if you feel like hosting a PartyLite party, you can win FREE products! Who doesn't love free?


I know that I love to keep my home scents in line with the season. For me, fall smells like pumpkin spice or wassail. And nothing says Christmas like a good, strong pine smell. PartyLite has their Winter/Spring 2012 catalog out already, so you can get a jump start on some new fragrances for your home and the upcoming spring!

You can also stay updated on special offers for hosts and guests by liking PartyLite Facebook

PartyLite sounds like an amazing way to keep your home looking - and smelling - its best!

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Monday, December 26, 2011

.:Market Yourself Monday - and More Winners:.

Better late than never, right?

Let's just say that there should be no sickies for Christmas.

But even though we have been battling some sniffles and sore throats, we still had a wonderful Christmas and were totally and completely spoiled. (My husband went waaaaaaay over what we were supposed to spend on each other! He put me to shame.)

This was the best picture we could get of our girls all together in their Christmas duds. Yeah, that's really about as good as it gets these days. I think it's time to start going for more candid shots. Posing just doesn't work with our one year old!

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, too!

We need to pick some more new winners! Sad for people who are missing out, but yay for the new winners!

The new winner of the 8x10 canvas from Easy Canvas Prints is:

My Photo

And the new winner of the $40 shop credit to Kitty Cats & Airplanes is:

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It's also time to announce the winner of the giveaway for the Madelyn Set from Carri's Creations. That lucky person is:

My Photo

PLEASE email me at sumossweetstuff@gmail.com to claim your prize!

Let's get linking, shall we? You know what to do!

.:{SCC} - New Years Work Out:.

so Christmas is over. unwrapped presents are still stacked in the hallways and in bedrooms, awaiting their new homes. the garbage cans are filled to the brim with toy boxes and bags of crinkled wrapping paper. a new DVD is playing, the smell of honey baked ham still lingers and no one has even considered getting out of their pajamas.

this is our house...is it your too? if so, i bet working out isn't on your mind either. or is it? is it one of your resolutions or goals for the upcoming year? let's face it, we all get real happy about moving more but come march, we've found so many other things to occupy our time. i have done this for years....until i found this workout in a magazine. i wish i could remember, maybe it was fitness or even family circle.

i immediately adapted it with my own choice of upbeat music (because we all know good tunes are essential to enjoying a workout). you'll only need 33 minutes and can be done inside on a treadmill or outside at a park. the best part is that the activity changes when the song changes. honestly, i loathe the thought of just straight running. it's good to get off and do something new every few minutes.

i personally prefer this one on the treadmill in my garage. just make sure you have plenty of open space around it.

you ready? come on...it's only 33 minutes and it will be fun! promise. i mean, check out these amazing songs you get to hear! you can subscribe to this playlist on spotify.com.


Disclaimer: Not all exercise is suitable for everyone. To reduce the risk of injury, consult your doctor before beginning this or any exercise program. The instruction presented herein is in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. The Creators, producers and distributors of this program disclaim any liability in connection with the exercises and advice herein.


Body-Slimming Plan

A 33-minute workout


The Heart of Rock n Roll – Huey Lewis and the News

5-minute warm-up: Walk at a comfortable pace.


Here It Goes Again – OK GO

Speed it up: You can talk but only in short sentences.


Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da – The Beatles

Tone your arms:

Bench dips: Sit on a park bench or chair, scoot your butt forward, and grab onto the seat. Slowly bend your elbows and drop your body downward until your triceps are parallel to the ground. Return to your starting position. Repeat 20 to 30 times.

Bench push-ups: Stand a few feet behind a park bench. Grab hold of the back of the bench with straight arms. Tuck your bottom in and think of yourself as a plank of wood. Bend your arms and slowly lower your body toward your hands. Repeat 20 to 30 times.


Footloose – Kenny Loggins

Quick steps: Return to your walk, moving briskly.


Ants Marching – Dave Matthews Band

Tighten your tush:

Walking lunges: Slow down your walking speed and take a big step with your right leg. Lower your body down until your right knee is at a 90-degree angle. Pull shoulders back and tighten abs. Push off with your left leg and keep moving forward as you then lunge into the left leg. Repeat 20 to 30 times.

Calf raises: Find a curb or stable step. Stand so the backs of your feet are hanging off the edge of the step. Slowly drop heels down below the level of the step. Then, just as slowly, push all the way up onto your toes. Hold on to a railing or the back of a chair for balance, if necessary. Do 20 to 30 reps.

If these calf raises start to feel too easy, try doing them while balancing on just one foot.


Sweet Home Alabama – Lynard Skynard

Push it: You can hear your breath as you walk.


Survivor – Destiny’s Child

Cool-down: Slowly bring your breathing back to normal.


Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) – The Hollies

Flatten that belly -- you can do these on a rug in your home:

Scissor kicks: Lie on your back with your hands under your hips and buttocks. Keep your head on the floor. Raise your legs straight up in the air so your toes are pointed to the ceiling. Contract your abs and scissor your legs one over the other as you lower your legs down toward the floor. Keep your lower back on or at least close to the ground. Scissor down for a count of 8 and then back up for a count of 8. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

Plank: Lie face-down resting on your forearms. Push up onto your toes -- your body should be in a straight line from your head to your ankles. Contract your abdominals to prevent your rear end from sticking up in the air. Hold for 20 to 60 seconds. Lower and repeat 3 to 5 times.

THAT'S IT! I bet you feel great...told you!

retrohipmama is a mommy and wife in a house full of boys. she stays sane by crafting, scrapbooking and taking pictures. her blog, she*sCRAFTY is a fun place with tons of ideas for making. life. creative.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

.:{SCC} - Quick Cinnamon Rolls:.

Hi everyone!! I'm Mandy, from over at Sugar Bee Crafts:

Here's the whole gang on vacation this past summer:

I enjoy all things crafty and have lots of DIY and tutorials on my blog. I even have a link party on Tuesdays so I can see your craftiness - then I show off a bunch of you on Wednesdays. You might know me from a couple of my posts (click picture to check them out!):

Today I want to share - - -

QUICK Cinnamon Rolls!! (ready to eat in less than an hour!)

Every year on Christmas Eve, my aunt Sally gives every family a pan of Cinnamon Rolls to eat for breakfast Christmas morning. LOVE that tradition. Here we are last year (we eat upstairs in the bedrooms before checking out Santa's loot - also another tradition).

Well, if you aren't lucky enough to have them delivered to you, don't worry. I know it's Christmas Eve, but you have time to make these - they take no time at all!!

In about 45-60 minutes, your cinnamon rolls can be ready to eat. I've had better cinnamon rolls, but you can't beat this recipe if you're looking for something to make fast. Enjoy.

1/3 C Sugar

3 Tbsp Yeast (yes, that's right - I know it's alot)

1/2 C oil

1 1/4 C water

mix above ingredients, let sit 15minutes


2 beaten eggs

1 1/2 tsp salt

4-5 C flour

knead for 5 minutes; let sit 10min

divide in two - roll each into a rectangle; cover with inners (1/4 C melted butter, 1 1/2 tbsp cinnamon, 1/2 C sugar); roll and cut into cinnamon rolls

bake 425 for 10-15min

Enjoy - and Merry Christmas!!

Hope to see you over at Sugar Bee Crafts!


What a fabulous recipe; I'm all for something quick and easy! This might make an appearance on our Christmas breakfast menu. Thanks Mandy!

Friday, December 23, 2011

.:{SCC} - Music & Movies:.

Freckles in April

Music and movies make the holiday season for me. When I was a kid, the Christmas specials on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon plus my mom's many Christmas albums on repeat were what really signaled "Christmas time!!" to my brain.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Rudolph the Red-Noses Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys

If this movie doesn't remind you of Christmas then you probably did not own a TV growing up. I'm fairly certain that, starting December 1st, this movie is always on somewhere.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Probably one of my favorite movies of all time.

Little Women

I know this isn't a Christmas movie but with all the snow and "for the beauty of the earth"ing it just feels like Christmas to me. Weird but true. It puts me in the Christmas spirit every time. Plus: Christian Bale as Laurie! I melt.

The Forgotten Carols by Michael McLean

This album has been a family favorite for so long that it kind of feels like Christmas in one tiny package for me. It has a wonderful book to go along with it.

Noel by Josh Groban

Oh Josh. Your voice speaks to my soul. A couple weeks ago I was all annoyed at my kids and needed something to turn my mood around. I turned on Pandora's Peaceful Holidays station and Josh's rendition of Little Drummer Boy came on. Instant joy and peace. And the whole cd is like that. Gorgeous.

(It's not on this album but his rendition of O Holy Night reduces me to tears)

The Time-Life Treasury of Christmas

Chock full of classics. One of the ones my mom played each year. The 1987 original had 45 songs and is weirdly hard to find online. Apparently Time-Life has released a couple "updated" versions that contain only half the songs that are readily available but the original can only be gotten through the Time-Life TV ads. You can find the full original track list with previews here. The Amazon link above might be for the full version but it's hard to tell.

Anyway, I love it in all it's hard-to-find glory. This is one of my favs from the collection.

I have about a million others but don't want to completely take over Sumo's blog with my reminiscing. What are your favorite Christmas movies and albums?? Do you gravitate toward the ones you listened to growing up or have you made room for new favorites?


Oh, how I love talking Christmas music and movies! Josh Groban has been a regular this season for me. Thanks for sharing those with us Kayla!