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Thursday, December 15, 2011

.:{SCC} - Christmas Envelopes:.

Hi! i'm kim-- i glue stuff over at a girl and a glue gun...i also burn myself over there too...but that kinda goes without saying! super happy to be here! love christmas and love sumo so i guess it's a win win!

today i'm making super cute, easy, inexpensive envelopes to mail your christmas letters and cards.

i used wrapping paper...but scrapbook paper works the same!

i just opened up some envelopes to use as a template

then i just laid it out on the wrapping paper...take an exacto knife and trimmed around

then folded in the flaps. i used extra strength elmer's glue stick to make sure no letters are lost!

i used some stamps to make some tags...

and just glued them on!

you can do all sizes! i got these great christmas cards from paper coterie and just used the envelopes they gave me to make sure they are the right size!

they are super fun and cute and when you are getting a pile of bills in the mail they will really stand out!

and i'm sure santa would love to get one too!

you can come see the other crap i'm up too HERE!

thanks for having me summer!!!!

This is fabulous! A great way to jazz up your Christmas cards and letters without breaking the bank. Who wouldn't want to get a fun envelope like that in the mail?


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