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Friday, December 2, 2011

.:{SCC} - Christmas Tradition:.

Hi there Sumo's Sweet Stuff readers! I'm Amy and I blog over at Ameroonie Designs. A place where I share my experiences producing and selling my creative wares,

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and tutorials for my original projects, like my Wavy Ruffle Pillow. On Mondays I try to share my real- world mothering experiences both good and bad in my Mom-day posts and mostly we just have fun and try to be inspired. I hope you'll come stop by for a visit.

Today I am here to share with you a Christmas tradition my family has. When my oldest daughter was 2 years old I realized that when January came we had missed doing many of the things that made the Holiday season so special for me when I was growing up. I decided that I didn't want that to happen again, so in late fall I started planning what I could to do to make sure we didn't miss doing some of my favorite things. I took a calendar and wrote down an activity/gift for every day during the month of December leading up to Christmas. Some were things we would do anyway- like Dad's work party (Santa comes and brings presents, we don't miss that one :) ), and family events, but other days were filled with things I wanted to make sure we didn't skip, like making our favorite sugar cookies or decorating gingerbread houses. The rest of the days I filled with small gifts or treats.

This is a sampling of the gifts/activities I have found for this year.

Then every day she had a gift to open. On the days of parties it might be something new to wear, or just a card saying that's what we were doing. For cookie making I wrap an ingredient or new cookie cutters. Our family movie night is usually a box of popcorn. I try to keep the costs down and the gifts/activities simple. As our family has grown (we now have 4 children) the tradition has evolved to include everyone and changes from year to year depending on our circumstances. This year we have decided that we would let each child choose their favorite big activity and that would be all that we did for that category. One wants the family to go to the movies, another loves going out for breakfast, we'll have a cookie baking day and go downtown to see the lights as our last activity. We have planned individual dates for each child where they go with one parent to shop for their assigned sibling and cousin. The rest of the days will be filled with simple activities (like coloring the wooden shapes above, or assembling the gingerbread village-LOVE this- it has 5 houses so no fighting over who gets to do the front/roof/back etc.) or treats (tootsie roll banks, PEZ dispensers and so on). On days that there aren't 4 items to open, we rotate who gets to open it so everyone has their turn.

I have each package numbered and a list of what each number contains. Usually I have them in order of what day they will receive them, but this year I am still waiting for some scheduling information, so I am just going see what each day holds and give them a gift that fits with whatever is going on. It has been a fun way to ensure that our favorite family activities have a place in our schedule and that we take the time to stop and enjoy each other each day of this hectic season.

I hope your Holiday season is wonderful and full of amazing memories!

Thanks, Summer for letting me come over and stay for the day while you play with your delicious baby!



What fun ideas, Amy! I am crazy about traditions, and I love this way to do it with kids. We'll definitely be implementing some of these ideas!


  1. Thanks so much for having me Summer! Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with.

  2. Super cute ideas! I love those packages!

  3. Great ideas, Amy! I especially love the activities. Your packaging is gorgeous :)


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