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Monday, December 12, 2011

.:{SCC} - Mrs. Claus Apron:.

Hi everyone, I am Jessica and I run a blog called Me Sew Crazy. Its my little place in the world where I get to share my passion for sewing with free tutorials, favorite features, and family moments.

I was honored when Summer asked me to be a part of her Christmas Cheer Series while she is enjoying time with her new little one! And I have the perfect gift for you to whip up for that Christmas loving hostess in your life...

I don't know about you, but I happen to have a Grandma that is crazy for good old Saint Nick! So much so, that if he were to ever actually come around knocking at her door, I just might fear for my Grandpa's place in that house! HA!

Using the Sail Away apron free pattern by Sewing in No Mans Land found HERE, with under 1 yard of red fleece and some contrasting white furry fleece trim, you can whip this apron up in no time! As you can see I also used a little bit of scrap black fleece for the waistline, as well as a couple of buttons for some added pockets, but that is all optional!

I can hear my cousins teasing me now...kissing up to get more of Grandma's cookies! What can I say, my Grandma is one heck of a chef! Combine that with her love for Santa...and I just may win the best Grandchild award this year :).

To make you will need to print out the pattern pieces for the Sail Away apron, so that we can use it to help us make the bodice. Let's get started...

I first taped together the main center of the bodice to the sides, and used that to cut out my main pattern piece. I cut out the white fur trim for the top of the bodice pattern piece, and a black fleece waistband for the bottom of the bodice pattern piece.

For the skirt of the apron, I simply cut out a rectangle of fabric wider than my waistband, to the desired length of my apron. I also cut out some fur trim for the bottom of my apron, the same width as my skirt.

Lastly I cut out a couple of pockets for decorative detail, as well as my neckties and waistband ties. For the ties I used some cotton fabric scraps I had lying around, as I didn't know how well fleece would work as ties!

Next I took all of my fur trim and hemmed 3 sides on each piece, the top or bottom and both sides (all pieces had one long side un-hemmed).

The sides that were unhemmed on the fur trims were then pinned right sides together, raw edges matching, to their corresponding red fleece pieces (Top of pockets, top of apron bodice, and bottom of apron skirt), and sewn on.

For the button addition, I simply sewed the button directly onto the front of the pocket.

I then sewed my pockets directly onto the apron skirt, edge stitching around the sides and bottom of each pocket.

For the Waistband, I decided to add an additional piece of red fleece directly onto the middle of the black fleece waistband, it just looked a little nicer, more 'belt' like. I simply sewed it directly on.

I then attach the black fleece waistband to the bottom of the apron's bodice, as the Sail Away Apron tutorial instructs.

We can set the bodice aside for now.

Taking the skirt, sew a line of gathering stitches along the top of the skirt. Pull stitches until the top of the skirt is the same length as the bottom of the bodice.

Place the skirt right sides together with the bottom of the apron's bodice, matching up the raw edges. Pin and sew together.

Attach the neck ties and waistband ties by simply sewing them directly onto the sides and top.

And voila, you are done!

I completely leave out any lining, and hemming the edges is completely unnecessary as this is made out of fleece and fleece doesn't fray or unravel.

I am thrilled with how this little number turned out, and I am pretty sure my Grandma will love it too!

Spreading some Christmas Cheer for the Santa Loving Chef in your life!

Thank you again so much for having me here Summer, I hope you are enjoying all those precious newborn snuggles. And Merry Christmas to all Sumo's Sweet Stuff Readers!

I never cease to be amazed by Jessica! This would make such a great hostess gift, or gift for the baker in your life.


  1. This is adorable! Very cute & fun while baking all those fun holiday treats!

  2. So cute! A little retro too. I think anyone would love to have this apron, I'll have to store it away for a project idea next year!

  3. This is so cute Jessica!!! I love it - and it would be such a great gift!!


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