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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

.:{SCC} - Tin Can Flower Gift:.

It's crunch time over here and it's time to get some last minute holiday things crossed off my "To do" list! Neighbor Gifts are high on that list! I'm determined to come up with a creative and simple and affordable small gift idea to hand out to my neighbors! I know this can be stressful! VERY STRESSFUL actually so I was never more grateful to see this darling gift idea when I toured Thanksgiving Point! I was able to make one and man is it easy!

You'll start by collecting used and cleaned tin cans! I know! I know! A recycling project too! Can this get any better!!!

Add about an inch of Road gravel or small pebbles to the bottom of your can. This will help with drainage!

Next add rich loose soil up to about an inch below the top of your tin can.

Next add your cute and adorable flower bulb. This is a Paper White. the stem should face up!

Cover the top of your soil and your bulb with moss and water your newly planted bulb!

Tie on a cut strip of burlap in a simple knot.

Add some Christmas Greens like Eucalyptus and Ferns and a few craft berry's!

Isn't that darling! So simple and beautiful and unique! Each tiny gift cost about $1.50. Sounds good to me!

Merry Christmas neighbor!

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Thanks for sharing such a great idea, Becca. There's definitely still time to whip some of these up if you're looking for any last minute gifts!


  1. I love this idea! I love to force bulbs indoors for the winter, but never thought of giving them as a gift. This is perfect for the people I just don't know what to get. And I love how you decorated the cans!

  2. Great idea, its an awesome gift for any occasion , thanks a lot for sharing dear!
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  3. Overall looks good but seems tough to make....! :-)

  4. Good idea ,Its looking amazing .....!:)

  5. it was a good creative stuff you bought here, liking and following it .... !:)


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