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Monday, February 27, 2012

.:Popcorn Party Inspiration:.

Since I didn't get my tutorial project done today, I figured instead I'd share with you some things I'm thinking of doing for my daughter's upcoming birthday party. Then you can all chime in with suggestions or applause. Or both. 

Thank goodness for Pinterest is all I have to say! It is a plethora of ideas, and I'm getting really excited for this party. (How is the Remster almost two? That was one fast year!)

** If you are going to pin any of these ideas, please click to the original source before you pin! **

The colors I'm using for her party are hot pink, lime green, and turquoise. Mostly I decided on this combo when I found some dollar wrapping paper at Target. Don't you match your wrapping paper to your party decor? 

For decor, I've been buying up ribbon to make a lovely banner behind the popcorn bar like this one. Hers is actually fabric, but I think the ribbon will work just as well.

I also want to do a balloon wall like this to take pictures in front of. 

I'll probably, maybe, make some other sort of banner with Remi's name on it. Maybe. 

For favors, I got these little takeout boxes from Oriental Trading in the three party colors. They are much tinier than I was expecting, but that just means people will be getting a little Mother Goose popcorn ball instead of a bigger one. And frankly, people might be popcorned out anyway and thank me for that. I may make some sort of vinyl decal to stick on each of them. Lucy wants in on the party prep.

And then, of course, there is the popcorn.

I stashed a bag of Valentine's M&M's to make this popcorn - the pink will be perfect!

This cinnamon bear popcorn definitely needs to be involved. 

Snickers popcorn? How can that be bad?

This candied popcorn would probably be a hit with all the kids. Plus, it adds some color!

I've been wanting to make this S'mores popcorn for awhile. Now I have an excuse.

Chocolate and peanut butter popcorn? Okay, I will eat you. Did I say eat? I meant devour.

Some of our more health conscious friends (or maybe those who have overdosed on sugary popcorn) might like this trail mix popcorn.

popcorn trail mix

And we may want to include something savory, like this herbed garlic parmesan popcorn.

And of course, there must be cupcakes. Popcorn cupcakes. I think the kids will love these!


We'll also be serving the mini cans of pop out of buckets of ice. 

Okay, what am I missing? Any suggestions? Recipes? Tips? Praise? 

Well, I guess you can save the praise for after the party is over and it's a huge success. I can wait. 


  1. Okay, that Cinnamon Bear popcorn is so yummy!! One of my valentine party guests made it and we all loved it! I don't know how old your guests will be, but that snickers popcorn looks like a messy nightmare for little people. I would stash it for after the kids are in bed. Wish we lived closer, I could help you devour it!!

  2. My local gastropub serves crispy sage and bacon popcorn, 'nuff said.

  3. Popcorn BAR!!!! woohoo what a plan. I am in the early thining/planning phase of my sons 11th Birthday and I love this idea. Popcorn is inexspensive and I love the variety. It is something that kids his age will like too. I lobe the idea of the banner it is so prettty and YES I do also used color coordinated or themed gift wrap for mu kids parties. I will say the balloon wall is a great idea with the streamers but the confetti is a NIGHTMARE. I just thought who is gonna clean that up. Great ideas all around! clap, clap, clap!

  4. Those are my kind of popcorn! I love sweets so much more than salt, so those candy ones are great!

    How are you going to get the balloons to stick to the wall? That's really cute!

  5. I would def. add the savory options to even out the sugary ones- although they all sound so yummy. Ribbon will be perfect for your banner and the balloon wall would be so fun for pictures. Make a large 2 out of cardboard and cover it with your wrapping paper for her to hold in front of the balloons- genius I know. ;)
    p.s. next week we'll know if baby is a boy or girl- then we MUST plan fabric shopping.

  6. I made that savory popcorn from Our Best Bites on Sat night - I'd pass if I were you. It just wasn't great and I was very sad about it. :(


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